Hi, we're the R&W Rope team!


We're a family owned and operated distributor of rope and cordage. Started in 1985 as a "one man" operation out of the trunk of a hand-me-down car, we've grown into one of the most diverse stocking warehouses in the industry.

We've got rope. Whether it's small 50 lb test braided line for ice fishing, brightly colored rope for trying your hand at tying a rope halter or a fancy knot, a safety line for a school's challenge course, or a full set of custom spliced docklines–chances are we have it and have it in stock.

We know rope–both the technical side of how its made and the application side of how its used. We enjoy using that knowledge to help you find just the right product for your needs. We sell our rope at some of the best prices you'll find anywhere. QUALITY, VALUE, & SERVICE–it's what we expect of ourselves, and it's what you can expect from us.

It's a running joke around here, but it really is true–our mission at R&W is to make people happy. Really! We figure that if we focus on our customers–giving you the kind of service, quality products, and value pricing we would want–then that's going to translate into a winning combination for us all.

This video, filmed during one of R&W Rope’s annual RopeFest parties, will show you what R&W Rope is all about. We're proud of our heritage, proud to do business in New Bedford, MA, and proud of our team. We're also proud to have the greatest bunch of customers to serve.


Rodney McCollester 

Founder and president of R&W Enterprises, Rod has been in the rope and cordage business for the last 30 years. In the early 1980’s with help from his father he began selling cordage products out of the trunk his car.  Over time, Rod has built one of the most diverse stocking warehouses in the cordage industry. With his vast experience and knowledge, Rod is an extremely valuable resource to both R&W customers and employees alike.

Zilda (aka Zee) Custodio 

Zee is relatively new to the cordage industry however she has been in the "service" industry for many years and her customer service skills are second to none. Zee does a little of everything at R&W but most importantly she helps keep us organized and our customers happy. She is also the primary point of contact for our recreational marine customers.

Bob Dollar

Bob Dollar has more years of experience with rope than he would like to admit. Bob is a 26-year U.S. Navy veteran, a member of the International Guild of Knot Tying and has spliced just about everything. Over the past 7 years of service, Bob has gained the confidence of his customers thorough his extensive knowledge and beautiful custom knot work. He can help you decide which is the right rope for just about any need.

Ken Hamel

An avid outdoorsman with a particular passion for rock climbing, Ken is well equipped to service customers related to ropes courses, camps, fire departments, the tree industry, and other industrial/commercial safety sectors. Ken has worked previously in the commercial pool and fastener industries and comes to R&W with more than 20 years of experience in national and international sales and management. 

Carol Morton

Carol Morton is an experienced customer service representative who has a great understanding of the rope industry–from production to sales. Before coming to R&W, Carol worked for more than two decades in customer service, sales, and production supervision at New England Ropes. She has also supervised production for a medical device distributor and a window manufacturer. At R&W Rope she works closely with Ray Rios in the outdoor and recreation end of our business to ensure that customers get just what they need.

Hilda Pereira

Hilda has been with R&W for over 10 years. Her official title is office manager and controller. However Hilda can–and more often than not, DOES–it all. She pays the bills, helps our customers with product inquiries, takes orders, and schedules our large domestic and overseas shipments. Bottom line, Hilda helps us and our customers with whatever is needed! 

Ray Rios

Having worked at R&W for over twenty five years, Ray Rios has built himself quite a reputation with R&W and its customers. As the company's longest tenured employee, Ray has gained the experience and knowledge to help his customers find what they need. Ray has traveled around the country organizing trade shows for R&W and has built a vast network of clients. Ray's particular focus is army/navy, outdoor and surplus products. Over the years he has refined his splicing and custom fabrication skills, making him an extremely valuable employee.