Is it your first time hitting the water? We know it may be scary, and you may be unsure of what to bring and expect as you set sail. That's why it's important to review what you need to know and how to prepare for your first sailing experience. Many shows make sailing look easy and provide the perfect scene for the sailor. This is not always the case. The sun may not always be shining, there may be rain or wind, and you won't get the hang of it right away. It's important to know that it is okay, and you can't expect to be a pro right from the start! To help you feel more confident in your sailing, learn some helpful tips for beginners below: what to bring, how to prepare, and what to expect when you hit the water!

4 Sailing Tips For Beginners

Check out these helpful tips for sailing as a beginner, so you can feel confident as you drift away through the beautiful waters!

Pick A Good Day

When choosing your first time to sail, try to pick a good day. A good day weather-wise means avoiding heavy seas, including high winds and rainy conditions. Of course, every great sailor knows how to operate through any weather condition, but as a beginner, there is no need to stress yourself out or put yourself at risk of danger on your first sail. Although it may be hard to predict the weather for the whole day, when there is a chance of weather upsets, including clouds and showers. Checking the hourly forecast will help you to determine what it will be like for the few hours you plan to sail. It's always best to prepare for any unexpected weather conditions, including rain gear and protection, just in case you take longer than expected and mother nature throws a curveball!

Arrive Early

Arriving early is another important tip for beginners as they get ready to sail. On nice days in the summer, many sailors head out early and hit the water when they know the perfect day for a sail. There is lots of traffic from tourists and busy summer seasons, so leaving early and giving yourself plenty of time to get there and set up is huge! When there are fewer boats in the water, getting set up and ready to go is much easier without getting overwhelmed on your first sail. It's crucial that you avoid lowering sails until there is plenty of room in the sea for you to do so. You never want to be too close to another boat when messing with your sails, so leaving early and giving yourself plenty of time and space will allow things to go smoothly.

Prepare Before You Get On

Preparing before your sail is an important task every sailor makes. This includes eating and drinking before you head out and packing any necessary snacks or beverages if you plan to sail around for a while. You never want to be out in the ocean and find yourself looking for water or a snack! Keeping your energy and body hydrated is crucial for every sailor and those on board. Even if you find yourself a little seasick, continue to munch on some crackers or chips and hydrate with water to avoid dehydrating or feeling sick. The same thing goes for preparing your clothing. Make sure you dress correctly as you prepare to leave for your sail. As your first time, you may not know what exactly to wear. Make sure to bring extra clothes in case you get wet or need additional layers or rain protection. Hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, gloves, headbands, etc., are all great to pack in a bag or backpack, so you never have to worry about needing anything mid-sail. 

Learn The Basics To Stay Safe

Lastly, learning the basics and staying safe in the water is extremely important whether you are a new sailor or a regular. Boats can be hazardous, and you must always pay attention as you sail. Avoid getting too close to other boats or going too far from your comfort level. Learning the basics of the boat, which side is which, how to operate, how to dock, tacking, jibbing, etc. It may seem like a lot to get used to at first, but it is all important in how you operate the boat and can become an excellent sailor!

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