The rope is a very common product available in the market which is used for a variety of purposes. You can see every truck, boat construction site, storage places, or almost everywhere ropes are being used for one thing or the other. Though it is a very basic thing, no one even considers it important.

Ropes being one of the most useful entities has unlimited amounts of applications. To name a few, you can find rock climbing, arborists, safety and rescue operations, sailing, towing and decorative ropes. Here is one way of categorization of ropes based on their use:

  • Anchor & Docking Rope
  • Arborist Rope
  • Climbing Rope
  • Commercial / Industrial
  • Knot Tying Rope
  • Safety & Rescue Rope
  • Sailing Rope
  • Towing Rope
  • Utility Rope

The best thing about them is that they are available in a variety of materials and styles of construction. It all depends on your needs and strength requirements. Some of the commonly available materials in the rope are:

  • Cotton
  • Hemp
  • Manila
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Recycled plastics

All these materials can be plaited to organize in braided forms. There are multiple options in the braiding of ropes that have cores for additional security. Apart from this, there are no more brown ropes available now. You can find them in almost all color options in different styles and designs. You can choose your favorite color based on your choice and purpose.

You can find the categorization of ropes based on their construction. These include:

  • Double Braid Rope
  • Four Strand Rope
  • Hollow Core Rope
  • Kernmantle Rope
  • Single Braid
  • Three Strand Rope
  • Utility Braid

Apart from the industrial & commercial use of these ropes, there are so many ways to use ropes for decorative purposes. Ropes & decoration! Yes, it seems to be a little weird but you can make so many things using ropes. Let’s check out some creative things that you can construct using decorative ropes.

  • Cat Scratching Post: Gift your feline friend something very interesting by using decorative ropes. A scratching post will be a good option as it provides hours and hours of entertainment for your cat. All you need to take is a piece of wood or cardboard box, and wrap the rope around it. As you wrap, don’t forget to add a thin line of glue so that rope stays in place.

  • Pet Toys: You can also make a wonderful toy for your best friend using rope and your creativity. Create a chew toy for your dog by tying the rope in a loop, or using knot technique at both ends can also make a great rope toy. You can then fracas the ends of the ropes for a more stylish, fun toy.

  • Picture Rope Hanger: Creating picture hangers using rope is a cool way to use the rope. You can create a frame using ropes, or you can also use a rope to hang picture frames. Such frames will add a natural aesthetic to your decor.

  • Plant Pot Holder Using Rope: Those who are fond of gardening can beautify their premises by adding hanging plant pots made using a rope. These are ideal for small spaces and those who wish to add a little greenery to their indoors. Create a pot rope holder using a few strands of rope, and then tie them together at one end. Now braid, knot, and weave the rope into any design you would like.

  • Rope Bowl: This is a very interesting DIY craft. You can fill a balloon and wrap a glued rope into a coil shape around on half of it. Let it dry and puncture the balloon. It will take a half oval shape which can be used to store spare change, jewelry, car keys - whatever you want really!

  • Rope Drawer Handle: If you have trays, drawers, or baskets, you can add rope handles to them and make them look unique. Thread the rope through the holes and tie a sturdy knot. Seal the ends by burning the rope. Be careful while doing it.

  • Rope Jewelry: You can also add rope to your wardrobe by making jewelry out of it. Not any simple rope, you can choose a soft colorful rope for it. Apart from the necklace, you can make a nice bracelet using knots. Different knot styles can add charm and style to your jewelry. Simply braid it, twist it, and bead it. That’s all you need to do. If you are an advanced jewelry maker, then you can even try rope earrings.

  • Rope Keychain: This is very simple and even kids can do it. Find an old key ring, and create a loop through the ring using rope, and begin to braid or knot it.

  • Rope Rug: This is the first thing you get to learn when you go into any craft class. A beautiful rug made using natural rope color or colorful ropes can be a great way to use a rope for decorative purposes. You don’t need to have a weaving talent to make rugs using ropes. Line up rope lengths and initiate by weaving another smaller kind of rope through. Continue from one end to the other end and it’s done.

  • Rope Signs: Using the rope for creating signs is the best way to incorporate rope around the house. You can rope in the letters on a board and leave it to dry. It will be a quick, easy, and smart way of using the rope to create a detached, floating letter sign.

  • Tire Rope Stool or Coffee Table: If you are interior decorating freak and always look for creating something new to your living room, then rope covered stools or coffee tables are the most popular these days and available at expensive rates. But you can DIY and create one for your home with just a tire, cardboard and rope. Seal both ends with the cardboard. You can also use wood for this purpose. Now start coiling rope around the tire using a hot glue gun.

These are some interesting ideas of using rope for decorative purposes. You can also make so many things to come up with unique décor or useful things.