Tug of war "Tug of War" the name may be unfamiliar to most of the people but the game would be very close to everyone who brought up playing this. It is actually one of the most playful sports that not only brings a tough challenge for two different sides but a playful atmosphere for everyone, the players, spectators, and the organizers. For most people, this game would be an integral part of their childhood memories. They may have a lot of amazing pictures of the moments of playing tug of war games. Today, when I look back to my childhood, I find myself playfully enjoying this amazing game with just a tug of war rope and my childhood friends. This is absolutely pleasing. This game is not for a specific age group, genders, species rather it is for all ages, genders, and species of people. From kids and youngsters to old people and handicapped persons, everyone can play this amazing sport.

This is called by many names such as rope war, tug o' war, tug war, rope pulling, or tugging war. Different people with distinct nationalities and species call it with different names. Generally, it is a muscle power game played between two sides. We can call it a "test of strength." In this game, both sides pull on the rope towards their direction intending to bring the opposite end of the rope at a certain distance to their side. Generally, there are four rounds, the side wins more rounds, wins the game. In the army, this game is part of their daily practices.


The Origin of Tug of War

This has an unknown history. There is insufficient evidence about the origin of the Tug of War. The archaeologists believe that the Tug of War originated from ancient religious ceremonies and rituals. Their evidence shows that India has archaeological roots for the origin of this sport. However, uncertainty remains for the origin of the Tug of War. According to Wikipedia, this sport was practiced mainly in Cambodia, ancient Egypt, Greece, India, and China. Well! Needless to go deep inside the history of this game. Let's have a glance at tug of war as the game of today.

Tug of War- The Game Today

In the earlier centuries, this game was played mainly on festivals and religious occasions but today it is not so. It has a different importance. Today, it is not only played in a few Asian countries during festivals and religious occasions but it is played across the globe as a competition game. From kids to old people, everyone can participate in this game at their level. Many national and international groups, sports clubs organize Tug of War championship competitions within the city, state, nation, and sometimes at the international level. People of all ages in huge numbers participate and enjoy this game. Most of the sports clubs like cricket clubs, soccer clubs, hockey clubs use this game as an effective fitness practice. They keep high-quality robust tug of war rope with them and make practicing this game mandatory for their club persons. Overall, the Tug of War sport is still one of the most playful games today.


Rules and Regulations of The Game

Tug of war is the simplest game with a few simple rules and regulations. This game can be played with just a robust tug of war rope, two teams, and a few game officials. Before the game starts, the rope must align with the center point marked on the ground. Both teams get a limited area with white marks 13 feet away from the center mark to both sides. The game starts as the referee blows the whistle. Both sides hold the rope and start to pull the other end of the rope along with the opposite. This game generally has four rounds. Team with more rounds wins, wins the whole game. Beware, loops, knots, wrapping the rope around the hand, waist, and other body parts, and other types of holdings are not allowed in this game. These are generally considered fouls, and a foul means- loss in strength. The participant who fouls can be eliminated by the referee from a particular round.

The Tug of War Rope

The best thing about this game is that you do not need expensive sports kits to play this game. As mentioned above, you just need a robust tug of war rope, two teams, and a few game officials to play and enjoy this amazing sport, and it is not a big deal. However, when it comes to buying the right rope for a tug of war game, you should determine a few things. Hundreds of different types of ropes for sale are available in the market, you just need to focus on a robust rope which is best for the game. The first thing to determine is the length and diameter of the rope. The selection of length and diameter of the rope generally depends on your needs and purposes. You can choose from a 50 ft to 100 ft rope as per your requirements. The diameter of the rope would be ideal from 1.25 to 1.5 cm. Just choose as per your needs.

The second thing to determine is the quality and material of the rope. Mainly custom-made tug of war rope, manila 3 strand rope, and POLYDAC 3 strand polyester polyethylene rope are the best option for you like these all are specifically designed rope for this amazing sport. They are generally water-resistant and robust ropes designed to reduce the level of friction. With these ropes, you can uninterruptedly playfully play your sport.

Care & Maintenance of Rope

Buying the perfect rope from a wide range of ropes for sale doesn't mean that the job is done. If you buy it, you should also know how to care for it so that it can last longer. There are a few things you should determine to extend the life of your bought robust rope.

Don't Let It Wetted

The first thing you should determine is do not let it wetted. Water is always often lethal for any type of material. So, try to put your rope in a safe place so that it can avoid being wet. However, most Tug of War rope comes with water-resistant features, still, you should keep them safe from water.

Don't Keep It Under Sunlight For a Days

Sunlight is often harsh for any type of material. So, try to keep away your rope from sunlight. If you are playing the game under the sun or your rope is under the sunlight for a few hours, it would not be problematic. But if you keep your rope under the sunlight for days, your rope can be damaged. So, it is better to protect it from sunlight. If you have a storeroom with a normal temperature, you should keep your rope in your storeroom.

Avoid Abrasion

Ropes can bear the abrasion but the outer surface of rope can be rugged a bit. It is actually very common with the ropes, yet if you can avoid abrasion with your rope, just take care of it.