Whether you are familiar with boating and marine hardware or not, marine hinges will commonly be found on every boat. Similar to the purpose of traditional hinges, marine hinges are used to connect two objects, allowing one side to rotate away from the other as needed. Marine hinges are designed for aquatic conditions. They are intended to keep their condition and avoid rusting or corrosion from the ocean water. They will prevent moisture, heat, and harsh environments due to the open air and water around them. While they offer excellent protection and properties for your boating, sailing, and other marine activities, choosing the right marine hinge is important. Learn below five things to consider when selecting your marine hinge!

5 Things To Consider When Choosing Marine Hinges

Consider these five things when shopping for marine hinges to ensure you get the best value for your boat!


The size of your marine hinge is important and can depend on your specific application. Marine hinges are available in many sizes, allowing you to find the perfect hinge for the job. Many marine hinges are even available for custom fitting and sizing, so you never have to worry about not having the right fit for your needs! When choosing a marine ginge, you must consider the length, width, and diameter to ensure you will have the right size for what you need. It must be the appropriate size to fit the application for which you use the hinge. Starting with the size will help you decide which other options are right for you!


Next, the material of the marine hinge is another important aspect to consider. Many marine hinges are made from different materials. The most common material is stainless steel, while other marine hinges may be made of brass. Stainless steel is very strong and durable and is resistant to corrosion. Brass is resistant to rusting, but it has the possibility of corroding. Knowing which material you prefer and what is best for your marine activity will help you decide.


The finish of the marine hinge is another factor to consider. Regardless if the marine hinge is made with brass, metal, or stainless steel materials, finishing must be done. Finishing is the process of decorating the hinge by giving it an attractive appearance. It also has added benefits of preventing corrosion and keeping the hinge in a protective state regardless of marine activity. Electro-polished marine hinges are also available as a finish providing even greater protective benefits!

Mount Type

Next, the mount type must be considered when choosing your marine hinge. Every marine hinge requires mounting, as you must mount the hinge onto the objects of your choice. These mount types may vary as some require top mounting, while others require flush mounting. Knowing which is suitable for you or asking an expert for help is best. 

Swaged or Unswaged

Lastly, decide if swaged or unwaged hinges are right for you. Marine hinges come in two types: swaged and unswaged. Unswaged hinges are often more popular and are standard hinges with the leaf close together and a pin in the center bringing them together. A swaged hinge also has two leaves, but these leaves are offset and do not have a gap when they are closed. If you are still determining which type is right for you, asking a marine hardware expert can help!

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