As a climber, it's important that you not only have the suitable rope but also take care of it well so that you can perform your best. With the proper care, your climbing rope will provide you with top safety and ensure a long lifespan for the rope. No matter how hard you try to keep it clean, your climbing rope is bound to get dirty. Knowing when to clean the rope is extremely important in ensuring that the rope's condition does not impair your performance. If you notice your hands turning black from handling the rope, it may be time to clean the rope. This will help you perform your best without worrying about your climbing rope bringing you down!

Steps On How To Clean A Climbing Rope

Learn these helpful steps to clean your climbing rope to ensure you are safe on whatever adventure you take! You'll need a tub or bucket, rope cleaner or mild soap, and some warm water to clean your rope.

Fill Up The Tub 

The first step in cleaning your climbing rope is to fill up your tub or a deep bucket with warm water. You must use warm water and not hot water for cleaning.

Add Your Cleaner

Whether using a special rope cleaning product, or mild soap such as dish soap, the next step in the cleaning process is to swish that cleaner around. If you are using a special cleaning product for your rope, you can easily follow the instructions on the back. If you are using your own type of cleaner, never use harsh detergents or dyes. As mentioned, dish soap such as Dawn is safe, effective, and gentle on the rope. This will get off any grease, dirt, or stains that may be on your climbing rope. 

Rinse Rope Thoroughly

Next, ensure your cleaner is completely removed from the climbing rope by rinsing it thoroughly a few times. Using warm water, rinse the rope and examine it for any damage while it's in front of you. This is an excellent time to ensure your rope is still safe and does not need to be thrown out. Drain your water with the dirty water, and refill your tub or bucket with clean, fresh warm water. Rinse the rope a few times, repeating it until it is spotless. 

Dry Your Rope

The last step in the rope cleaning process is thoroughly drying your rope. After the dirt and cleaner are off your rope, rest it on a towel to pat dry and lay it on it. You can also use a shower curtain rod or a drying rack to hang your rope over and allow it to dry fully on its own. Using direct sunlight for drying is a great way to let the rope breathe and dry out before you store it away with your climbing gear.  

Climbing Rope Care & Rope For Sale

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