Sailing RopeCOVID situation has affected several businesses in both positive and negative ways. Some have been taking advantage of selling their goods/services at double rates while others are facing losses. If your business has come to halt due to lockdown and COVID19, then you can make the best use of this time in changing your old, worn-out ropes with the new one. We suggest this to all the sailors, boat owners, and other businesses that make use of ropes for lifting purposes.

Replace your old ropes with the new double braided polyester ropes and splice them well so that they can serve your purpose well. Polyester ropes have exclusive features that will force you to try them out in the COVID time. Let's understand what a double braid polyester rope is, how it can be useful for your business and some of its applications.

Double Braid Polyester Rope

Double braid polyester rope, also known as braid on braid polyester, is two braided ropes that are combined into one rope. The braided core of this rope is shielded with a braided jackets that the final rope obtained is strong yet easy to handle.

Double Braided Rope made from polyester has low stretch, high strength, and is torque-free. It has excellent wet/dry property and is completely abrasion-resistant. His rope is not affected by UV rays and harsh chemicals; therefore it can be concluded that it is ideal to use in the applications where rope gets frequent exposure to ultraviolet rays and common chemicals. Apart from this, this type of rope possesses the best weathering characteristics when compared to all popular fibers.

Stretching property of the polyester material is pretty good as compared to cotton that's why it is considered to have a great elasticity essential for possessing shock-absorbing qualities. But when you compare its elasticity with nylon then there is nothing that can surpass the stretching ability and elasticity of Nylon. Double Braid Polyester Ropes are extremely popular as a marine or industrial rope where too much strength and not much stretch are required.

Why Splicing Is So Important In Ropes?

When it comes to splicing, which is an important step in any braided rope, double braid polyester rope is generally spliced using the Double Braid Class 1 Method. A splice is an easy and effective way of adding a loop to the end of your double braid polyester rope. This addition of a loop at the rope end makes your rope more user-friendly. Splicing of polyester ropes makes them perfect for winching, pulling, mooring, and more. There are several customized splicing options as well that increase the durability and strength of your rope.

There are so many ways in which you can splice your double braid polyester rope and en use it for different applications. Some of the splicing techniques for double braid ropes are:

  • Eye Splice
  • End for End Splice
  • End for End Splice - Constant Diameter
  • Back Splice
  • Core-to-Core Eye Splice
  • Reeving Eye Splice
  • Tapered Cover for High Tech Ropes

Tying a knot appears to be an immediate fix, but professional splicing has long-term benefits.  Among all kinds of splicing, an eye splice lasts longer than even the best-tied knot. You can add stainless to eye splice to make it more powerful. Most of the knots possess half the strength of your rope while eye splice rope can help you utilize your rope's entire strength.

Apart from this, there are several other advantages of rope splicing. These include:

  • Dynamic usage options
  • High strength connection
  • Permanent loop
  • Reduced strength decay
  • Reduced stress on the rope
  • Rope strength retention

What Are The Properties of Polyester That Makes It Ideal?

“Strength” is the major characteristic of a double braid polyester rope which makes it a star among other ropes. Its strength is unparalleled as polyester has a tensile strength similar to that of Nylon 6. Polyester is a bit stronger and isn't much stretchy when compared to Nylon. These two things make polyester ropes a top choice to use in the lifting field. If there is any stretch left in the fiber, then it is reduced by the pre-stretching process that is performed at the time of manufacturing.

Polyester maintains its strength when it is wet. It has a high melting point of 240 degrees Celsius. As already mentioned, this type of rope has excellent ultraviolet ray resistance, high tensile strength, and great durability. It just loses 10% of its reliable breaking strength even after rough use for a couple of years outdoors. Polyester doesn't conduct electricity and also resist abrasion well.  Polyester ropes are not designated for use in water, as it will sink and doesn't possess the property to absorb water.

When it comes to the chemical resistance of polyester ropes, then it passes the test. It has good chemical resistance, especially acids and alkalis at room temperature.  But it loses its resistance to rising temperature surrounding it. Polyester is also intensely unaffected by petroleum-based products, bleaches, and solvents. However, try not to soak the rope in strong bleach for a long time, as this will result in weakening the material.

What Are The Applications Of Double Braid Polyester Ropes?

Polyester ropes can be used for block and tackles, capstans, winches, and much more. This rope has been engineered for industrial, general marine, commercial, and general use. Other applications include:

  • Mooring Lines
  • Winch Lines
  • Anchor Lines
  • Guy Lines
  • Sheets and halyards

Choosing The Right Polyester Rope For Nautical Applications

When it comes to choosing a rope for nautical rigging applications, then polyester ropes are the most popular choice. The reason lies in its properties like the ability to withstand a great amount of friction that's why these are commonly used for mainsheets, winches, and various control lines. Some advantages that make double braided polyester ropers useful for sailing purposes are:

  • They can hold strength when wet.
  • They have a greater coefficient of friction than nylon.
  • They have high resistance towards UV rays and common chemicals (already mentioned).

There are several manufacturers out there that offer a variety of double braided ropes in the polyester material. You will get a variety of colors as well as splicing options to choose from at highly affordable rates. Choose the best one as per your purpose.