Captain Robert C. Glover  III works full-time for R&W Rope in New Bedford MA, serving the Traditional Tall Ship and Wooden Boat Industry as a Rigging and Marine Hardware Specialist since 2016. He also travels around the country for R&W Rope, installing rope in architectural applications in hotels, homes, private ranches and commercial buildings.

Captain Robert C. Glover III has previously served in the Tall Ship and Tugboat Industry since 1974. Mr. Glover is a 1982 graduate of Marine Maritime Academy. Starting out as a Galley Assistant at the age of 14 and working his way up to the position of Sailing Master by the age of 28 years old. He has sailed the Northern Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Basins, Caribbean Sea, Great Lakes, North Sea, Baltic Sea, Panama Canal, East & West Canadian Coasts and Mediterranean Sea. Mr. Glover has sailed aboard two masted schooners, square riggers, salvage tugs and harbor tugs having sailed over 154,000 nautical miles aboard these vessels. Mr. Glover holds a USCG License as Master of Steam, Motor and Aux Sailing Vessels, up to 1600GRT, upon Oceans; Master of Towing Vessels upon Oceans and Western Rivers and Third Mate Unlimited Tonnage upon Oceans. Additionally he holds a Merchant Mariners Document with an endorsement rating of;  Able Seaman Sail, unlimited Able Seaman, Lifeboatman, Ship’s Security Officer. Mr. Glover has sailed aboard Tall Ships, Ocean and Harbor tugs up to 9,000HP in a licensed capacity.

Captain has served at the management level of tall ship operations, restorations and new ship construction, having served as an Executive Director of two non-profit organizations for 6 1/2 years. Captain Glover has served as a Board Member with the Tall Ships America, and Sail Baltimore. Captain Glover is occasionally called upon for advice and consul from the maritime industry speaking at seminars, conferences and serving as an expert witness during legal cases.

You can find his professional writings and stories in the following publications:

Magazines; Marlinspike, WoodenBoat, Chesapeake Bay, SpinSheet, The Virginia Sportsman, Maritime Life and Traditions, MMA Alumni, Texas Travel Guide, Ocean Navigator, SoCo

Books; On Tugboats by author Virginia L. Thorndike

Outfitting the Offshore Cruising Sailboat by Peter I. Berman

The Great Star Ship Race by author Diane Carey; A Star Trek book.

Banners by author Diane Carey