ParacordParachute cords, commonly known as paracords, are the most versatile cordage used for tons of outdoor and indoor tasks. In the real sense, they are the unbeatable king of cordages. From military troops, sailors, boaters, campers, mountaineers, to a common man, everyone prefers to have paracords as they are one of the most valuable survival tools, and can be used for tons of purposes like from knotting and hanging something to in boating and rafting. Generally, people prefer to buy paracord wholesale because there are so many uses in everyday life. Sailors, campers, military troops, and mountaineers are the biggest buyer of paracords.

Manufacturing of Paracords

Generally, they are made of nylon or polyester with core breaded inner strands and twisted woven sheath. The core of inner breaded stands provides the strengths to the cord while the outer sheath offers protection to the core. The nylon makes them somewhat elastic. However, they do not act as an elastic rope. Different types of paracords are available in the market but cord 550 is the only item called the original parachute cord as it can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. On the other hand, cord 95 lb, 100 lb, 425 lb, and 225 lb can only be used for indoor activities.

Origin of Paracord

Paracords have a long history. According to an e-publication, it is the product of the second world war. It was invented mainly for US military purposes. Till the second world war, silk was the material used to produce survival military applications due to its great strength-to-weight ratio. The notable examples of its uses were shroud lines, webbed straps, and parachute clothes. However, after Japan attacked Pearl Harbour, it led to the end of a trade with Japan which led to a shortage of silk in the US. Eventually, silk was replaced by nylon, and nylon proved superior to silk to produce life-saving military applications. These all resulted in the production of parachute cord.

The Survival Paracord (550)

According to the military specifications, paracords are outlined in six types. The type III paracord (550) became the most commonly used paracord in the US military. Due to its great tensile strength, the military troops and sailors found hundreds of different uses of it within sailing and military operations. Likewise, it became the staple utility item in all the branches of the US military. From an indoor task (like creating a beautiful bracelet) to an outdoor task (like creating a shelter with wood sticks and random material while in the forest), such tons of tasks can be done by wise usages of high-quality paracord 550 like Petzl, therefore, it is called the survival paracord. If you are an adventure, and often face survival issues during your adventurous trips, you must buy paracord wholesale and keep this always as they are the most versatile, largely usable survival gear.

Use of Survival Paracord in Boating and Rafting

Boating and rafting are two leisurely traveling activities by boat. Both are thrilling activities as well as full of risks. If you don't know how to deal with emergency situations while boating and rafting at the shores of the ocean then you can be stuck in big problems. Mostly, tourists, youngsters, and college-goers love to do boating and rafting while on an adventurous trip. And most of them do not know how to overcome difficult situations. However, everyone who has a great interest in boating and rafting should know some useful survival hacks. The survival paracord is the tool that can be used as the all-in-one survival tool for boating and rafting.

For instance, you can create a survival bracelet with 550 paracords and wear it on your wrist. This bracelet is not a normal bracelet that is worn for aesthetic purposes, this is a kind of bracelet you can untie anytime and you will be able to get a 5-20 meter long paracord. Further, you can use that long paracord for different purposes. However, for this, you should buy paracord wholesale from high-quality survival cords sellers so that you can create a survival paracord bracelet.

God forbid, in case you got injured while enjoying boating and rafting, you can use a survival paracord to prevent the bleeding by tightly tying it to the upper side of the injured area. This will prevent the blood to some extent.

In a case, if one of your mates on a boat suddenly falls down onto the water and you do not have any rope on your boat, what will you do? The survival paracord which is on your wrist in the form of a pretty bracelet can help you to overcome this situation. This is why it is called a survival paracord.

Tie Your Small Boat On The Sideline With A Paracord

Paracord 550 can also be used for tying boats on the sideline of the ocean or river to a strong immovable object. For instance, someone steals your boat mooring or you lose it while boating, what will you do to tie your small boat on the sideline? Here the role of survival paracord comes. With the help of a versatile paracord, you can tightly tie your boat on the sideline of the ocean. However, paracord can only be used as a temporary mooring. It cannot replace the original mooring. For once, you can use a paracord in place of mooring in case of an emergency situation but for a permanent solution, you must have a mooring.

As a boater and adventurer, if you do not keep paracords with you then you should buy paracord wholesale as they are the most versatile survival tool. From a small task like creating a temporary carry bag to a complex task like creating a fishing net, everything can be done with the help of survival cords.

Create Fishing Trap and Fishing Hook

While enjoying boating and rafting, if you get in the mood to do fishing, and do not have any fishing tool on your boat, still you can manage to start fishing with the help of paracords. You just need to be creative or know the different ways to weave a fishing trap with normal cordage. You can create both a wide fishing trap and fishing hook within a few minutes and can start enjoying fishing.