Climbers are responsible for having the correct safety equipment for their climb. They know to be fully aware of possible dangers, routes, and weather conditions that may impact their journey. To get the best experience while climbing, learn some helpful tips below. Whether new to climbing or frequently climbing, it’s always good to refresh yourself on possible outcomes and check that your climbing safety gear is still in top condition. Learn more about staying safe, and take on adventures unimaginable!

How To Stay Safe While Climbing

Stay safe during your next climb with these helpful tips!

Know Your Capabilities

If you’re new to climbing or are pretty experienced, it is important to know your capabilities before you head out. Do not climb if you do not have the safety equipment or experience level for that route. Proper training and guidance are needed before climbing on your own. The conditions of the climb may differ depending on the route, and the season you are climbing. If you are looking to climb but are unsure what equipment to bring or what to expect, be sure to bring a guide with you during the climb or seek professional training beforehand. 

Check Your Safety Gear

Checking your safety gear before you head out for a climb is extremely important. Ensure you have a helmet, anchors, knots, rope, harnesses, a backpack filled with water snacks, a first aid kit, safety equipment, and fixed gear. Be sure your gear is in good condition and not damaged before you begin your climb. The proper equipment is crucial for your protection from the head down. Stumbles are possible for even the most experienced climber, so having reliable equipment and safety gear is crucial.

Create A Plan & Communicate

Setting a plan with those you are climbing with is hugely important so everyone is understanding and on the same page. Communicating with others is imperative so everyone knows what to do in an emergency, someone is hurt, or something unexpected happens. Clearly communicate a time to turn around and go back and be sure to stick to it so everyone has a fair chance. Preparing this before your climb will make your experience enjoyable for everyone involved. 

Prepare For The Unexpected

Like any trip or adventure, planning for the unexpected is always a good idea. Nothing is ever perfect; plan for the possibility of something happening or something not part of the plan. This could be something for the good or something not so good. Maybe you want to change the path of your climb or discover something unexpectedly good! This could also mean that things may not always go as planned. This could mean cell phone reception is not well, and an emergency is going on. Be prepared to handle these situations by ensuring you have the skills and equipment you need to do so. Be sure that if you do have service, you can call 911 and give them a description of the incident, what rock you are on, and the climbing route information. This will allow your party to get the help it needs immediately. 

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