Tug of War is a common game we are all familiar with. As kids, tug of war was played at family get-togethers, school field days, birthday parties, picnics, and regular playdates worldwide. Tug of War is a fun battle of strength and commitment for both sides of the rope. Tug of War can be played with one person or a team of players on each end. As long as equal members and strengths are on each side of the rope, the game is ready to be played! Many of us are familiar with Tug of War as children, but only some of us know where it originated from and the type of rope selected for playing. Below is more information on the Tug of War history and the rope selection process.

Where did Tug of War Originate?

Tug of War is a game that goes back to ancient times in various nations. The exact origin of Tug of War is unknown, but it has a history in ancient Greece, India, China, and Egypt. Many military men would train using Tug of War rope in China, dating 10,000 years ago. Back then, the act of "Tug of War" was actually called hook pulling and played day and night. Pulling rope was a contest from many ancient ceremonies and cults worldwide and can be pinpointed back to different areas. Areas with a Tug of War origin include Hawaii, Japan, Korea, and South America. These forms of Tug of War war were performed in various styles and teams. 

Later on, Tug of War became a true test of strength. Physical strength was the most critical factor in becoming the winner of Tug of War. In around 500 BC, Tug of War entered the Olympic Games in Greece. This was practiced by athletes looking for a competitive sport or wanting physical exercise and training for their other sport. The game Tug of War could be played differently depending on the location it was played in. Some cultures and players would use poles in between the teams, between the rope, or were hand and hand playing. Today, the game of Tug of War is played with teams on either side of the rope, and the goal is to pull the middle of the string a specific distance away from the other team. Still, Tug of War is played today and has returned to the Olympics World Games in 2022. 

What Rope is Used For Tug of War?

When finding rope for Tug of War, it is crucial to ensure that the rope is strong for pulling back and forth and that it will not frail or frizz affecting the players' grip. Considering the players when choosing Tug of War rope is also important. Preventing injuries and rope burns is vital when finding rope for the game. Cotton and polyester ropes are great options for Tug of War ropes because they are solid and comfortable for the players to grip. These ropes have high tensile strength and can be custom-made to the color and length of your choosing!

Tug Of War Rope For Sale

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