Having the right webbing and cords can make or break your climbing experience. It's important that you are prepared and organized for your climb so you can stay safe throughout the whole adventure. Using the right cord and webbing supplies will ensure you are secure and protected for the climb. Used as slings, harnesses, and more, cord and webbing can provide extensive safety for climbers, hikers, and other types of physical and strenuous activity. Learn below how to use cord and webbing for climbing safety, where to buy them, and how to choose the right ones!

Using Cord and Webbing For Climbing Safety

Climbing slings are made of strong nylon webbing sewn together in a loop. These slings come in different widths and colors and are beneficial for climbing and hiking. Webbing is also a strong fabric in flat strips or tubes of various widths and fibers. It is another essential component of climbing, towing, parachuting, military apparel, and other various athletic activities. Learn some popular uses for cord and webbing for climbing safety and protection!

Popular Uses For Climbing Slings

  • Climbing slings are available in single or double sizes and can be used for draws and extending quickdraws.
  • Climbing slings are also perfect for connecting climbing anchor systems. These anchors will link carabiners to anchor points using various slings tied to a climbing knot. 
  • Climbing slings can be used to carry your climbing gear. Attach all your carabiners and climbing equipment so it is safe and secure in one place. This is beneficial for keeping things together that you don’t want to store on your harness and can easily be transported.
  • Climbing slings are also beneficial for temporarily connecting yourself to an anchor. Slings are designed to support your weight stationary, not minimize the impact a fall would have on the body. Connecting your body to an anchor allows you to hang out on the wall while resting and not actively climbing. 

Popular Uses For Webbing

  • Climbing: webbing is commonly used for climbing. Nylon webbing is used in slings, harnesses, runners, and quickdraws. 
  • Hiking: Webbing can be used for camping gear such as backpacks and load or tent adjusters.
  • Military: Military webbing can be used for parachutes or balloons, military belts, ouches, or other types of military equipment. 
  • Apparel: Webbing can be used for human clothing and animal accessories. Webbing can be used for belts, suspenders, purses, sandals, braces, and other types of apparel. It can also be used for pet harnesses and leashes as it is a strong and durable product to be sewn with fabric.  

How To Choose Climbing Slings, Cord, and Webbing

For choosing slings, cords, and webbing, there are a few options you can choose from for each. These depend on the activity of the job, the size you need, and the best material. Webbing can be helpful for lots of climbing and athletic activities. There are two types of webbing: tubular and flat. Tubular webbing is a tubular shape that makes it stronger and easier to tie knots to hold better. Flat webbing is flat and is used to make more backpacks, gear, and personal anchor systems.

For climbing slings, it depends on the purpose of your climb when choosing between Nylon or polyester. Common brand names such as Dtnex, Spectra, and Dyneema are available for picking, and sometimes these brands are blended with Nylon for an ultimately strong sling. These slings come in a variety of lengths, widths, and heights. Zlonger slings may be more effective than a quickdraw but may also be heavier. The size and length will vary depending on the job you need it for.

Lastly, the climbing cord is available in custom-length slings for anchoring or aiding in climbing. These diameters are offered from 1mm to 9mm and are usually sold by the foot or in other sections. Similar to slings, they are available in perlon and polyethylene. These materials will affect the product's weight, strength, and lifespan. Polyethylenes are more UV resistant, so it is important to consider them.

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