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Within the architectural design industry, rope is becoming increasingly popular in the interior and outdoor design areas. Being a very versatile product, rope finds many uses through its strength, durability, and flexibility, and can be used in areas one wouldn’t expect. The use of rope is increasing greatly in many different applications, including rope railings, rope barriers, and more. Also available within the architectural design section are decorative marine hardware pieces like light bulbs, lighting fixtures, switches, and more. All these products are available for sale only at R&W rope.

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  • Hempex - The Synthetic Alternative to Hemp Rope

    data-name="Hempex - The Synthetic Alternative to Hemp Rope" Trustpilot
    Traditional look with the strength, durability and performance of a synthetic. Nearly indistinguishable from Natural Hemp, Hempex has a softer hand, requires less maintenance and wont rot. Trusted by tall...
    From $0.20
  • POSH Polyester 3 Strand Rope

    data-name="POSH Polyester 3 Strand Rope" Trustpilot
    If you're looking for modern performance, a traditional appearance and an exceptionally soft hand, POSH 3 Strand is it. Langman Ropes of Holland makes this great handling rope from the...
    From $0.50
  • Hemp Rope - Natural Hemp, Three Strand Construction

    data-name="Hemp Rope - Natural Hemp, Three Strand Construction" Trustpilot
    Used as a classic ship line, as a climbing rope and for decoration, our hemp rope is 100% natural, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Available by the foot, or in full...
    From $0.30
  • Manila 3 Strand Rope

    data-name="Manila 3 Strand Rope" Trustpilot
    An inexpensive, general purpose, decorative rope made from abaca plant fibers. Manila is a great choice for indoor or outdoor decorating and architecture projects, such as railings for stairs, docks...
    From $0.08
  • Rope Snap with End Hook

    data-name="Rope Snap with End Hook" Trustpilot
    The Langman rope snap clip with end hook provides a attractive finish to the ends of rope barriers. Use in conjunction with our wall plate end bracket to provide a...
  • Rope Handrail Stanchion Bracket - Open

    data-name="Rope Handrail Stanchion Bracket - Open" Trustpilot
    Made from solid brass and stainless steel hardware, Langman Ropes' hand rail stanchions are the choice for high quality homes, museums, and professional installations. The rope bracket has an inner...
  • Six Strand Hemp Rope 33mm - Natural Fiber Climbing Rope

    data-name="Six Strand Hemp Rope 33mm - Natural Fiber Climbing Rope" Trustpilot
    This unique, 6 strand, 33mm (1 5/16") hemp rope is usually seen in gyms and Crossfit boxes as a climbing rope. The six strand construction has a great look that's...
  • Wall Plate End Bracket

    data-name="Wall Plate End Bracket" Trustpilot
    Wall Plate End Brackets are used to secure our Rope Snap with End Hook. Can be affixed to any surface to finish a rope barrier. Comes in 3 finishes, Stainless...
  • Sisal Rope - 3/8" diameter

    data-name="Sisal Rope - 3/8" diameter" Trustpilot
    Sisal rope is a low priced natural fiber rope that holds a knot well. Used for many light uses around the home or in industry.
  • Large Double Braid Nylon Rope

    data-name="Large Double Braid Nylon Rope" Trustpilot
    We have two sizes of this very large diameter braided Nylon rope available. 2 3/4 in. White with Red and Blue tracers ‚ - Min. 200,000 lb. test Use this...
  • Rope Handrail Stanchions

    data-name="Rope Handrail Stanchions" Trustpilot
    These solid cast brass rope railing stanchions from Davey and Company of London are slightly lighter weight than their heavy duty rope railing stanchion cousins. They feature a lighter pattern,...
    From $24.28
  • Heavy Duty Rope Handrail Stanchions

    data-name="Heavy Duty Rope Handrail Stanchions" Trustpilot
    Heavy duty rope rail stanchion hardware from Davey and Company of London, this high quality hardware is cast from solid brass. These rope stair rail stanchions are heavier in pattern...
    From $57.15
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