First Aid Kits

Climbers, arborists, safety and rescue workers trust their lives to safety gear. R&W Rope carries the best selection of helmets, harnesses, carabiners, belay devices, and other attachment hardware from trusted suppliers.

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  • Mymedic - MyFAK First Aid Kit

    The MyFAK - My First Aid Kit - was designed with three goals: Adaptive Functional Indestructible This First Aid Kit can be used in anywhere from a day at the...
    From $99.95
  • MyMedic - The Medic First Aid Kit

    The Medic: First Aid Kit has it all, No exaggeration. A massive kit for a whole bus, camp or group. Pack features a molded comfort back panel providing semi-rigid, custom-fitting...
    From $599.95
  • MyMedic - The Recon First Aid Kit

    The MyMedic Recon is a medium sized First Aid Kit and comes fully stocked with the best supplies. It is designed to carry everything you will need no matter where...
    From $199.95
  • Mymedic - The Boat Medic First Aid Kit

    Designed specifically for boating, MyMedic Boat Medic is the best waterproof First Aid Kit on the planet. Analyzing the data for injuries in the water guided MyMedic in choosing which...
  • Mymedic - The Solo First Aid Kit

    Going solo? Carry the SOLO. Go out into the world or the wild by yourself with confidence! If you find yourself in trouble, the Solo is the friend you need....
    From $39.95
  • Mymedic - The Patrol First Aid Kit

    The toughest First Aid Trauma Kit on the planet. This is the companion kit to The Shield. The Patrol designed to care for two people with life-threatening injuries for the...
  • Mymedic - The Shield First Aid Kit

    The toughest First Aid Trauma Kit on the planet. This is the companion kit to The Patrol. The Shield is designed to care for one person with life-threatening injuries for...
  • Mymedic - The Stitch Suture Kit

    This specialty kit features all stainless steel instruments and comes fully stocked to sterilize, sanitize, suture, and dress a wound. + Lifetime Guarantee + Built in the U.S.A. + Medical...
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