Climbers, arborists, safety and rescue workers trust their lives to safety gear. R&W Rope carries the best selection of helmets, harnesses, carabiners, belay devices, and other attachment hardware from trusted suppliers.

Rock Climbing Safety Gear

Climbers, arborists, and safety and rescue workers are just some of the examples of people who trust their lives with safety gear they use day in and day out. R&W Rope carries the best selection of rock climbing safety gear, including:

  • Helmets: Shock absorbing helmets are vital for protecting your head. While working high above the ground, this is even more important.
  • Harnesses: Keeping you connected to the rope you’re using to climb, these keep you secure at all times while you work.
  • Carabiners: Used in many safety-critical systems, these keep everything firmly connected together.
  • Belay Devices: These devices help you to descend and ascend under your own control while climbing.

and other attachment hardware from trusted suppliers.

To learn more information about our rock climbing safety gear, contact us today.

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  • TreeMOTION Standard Harness

    data-name="TreeMOTION Standard Harness" Trustpilot
    TeeMOTION Standard harness is a high quality, light-weight harness .   Specifications: Standard: PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425, ANSI Z133, AS/NZS 1891.1, ASTM F887-16 TypA, CSA Z259.1-05 PD   * Please Note: Due...
  • Petzl AVAO BOD FAST Harness

    data-name="Petzl AVAO BOD FAST Harness" Trustpilot
    The AVAO BOD FAST fall arrest, work positioning and suspension harness is designed for greater comfort in all situations. Wide, semi-rigid waistbelt and leg loops give excellent support. Its lightweight,...
    From $459.95
  • Petzl Sequoia SRT Single Rope Harness

    data-name="Petzl Sequoia SRT Single Rope Harness" Trustpilot
    The SEQUOIA SRT is a tree care seat harness for ascents on a single rope. It has a ventral attachment point and a rear buckle for installing a CROLL ventral...
    From $69.95
  • Petzl Falcon Harness

    data-name="Petzl Falcon Harness" Trustpilot
    Lightweight seat harness for rescue with waistbelt and leg loops lined with breathable perforated foam for maximum comfort. Waistbelt and leg loops equipped with self-locking DoubleBack buckles for quick and...
  • Petzl Pandion Harness

    data-name="Petzl Pandion Harness" Trustpilot
    This compact and lightweight harness is great for climbing, glacier travel, and adventure racing. Also great for beginning climbers. Adjustable leg loops allow size to be adjusted depending on comfort...
  • Petzl ASTRO BOD FAST Harness - International Version

    data-name="Petzl ASTRO BOD FAST Harness - International Version" Trustpilot
    With an integrated CROLL L ventral rope clamp, the ASTRO BOD FAST harness is designed for greater efficiency and comfort during rope ascents. The gated ventral attachment point allows optimal...
    From $499.99
  • Petzl Sequoia Harness

    data-name="Petzl Sequoia Harness" Trustpilot
    The Petzl SEQUOIA harness is a seat harness for tree care. Designed for the arborist's comfort, the extra-wide, semi-rigid waist belt and leg loops give excellent support. The attachment bridge...
    From $129.95
  • Petzl Chest'Air Harness

    data-name="Petzl Chest'Air Harness" Trustpilot
    The CHEST’AIR chest harness transforms the FALCON, FALCON MOUNTAIN, AVAO SIT and SEQUOIA SRT seat harnesses into fall arrest harnesses. Connects simply to the harness ventral attachment point for rapid...
  • Robertson Cypress Seat Harness

    data-name="Robertson Cypress Seat Harness" Trustpilot
    Robertson Mountaineering is a time-honored manufacturer of harnesses for challenge course, zip line, fire rescue, police, military, marine and medical rehabilitation. The Robertson Cypress seat harness is made of high...
  • Climbing Kit

    data-name="Climbing Kit" Trustpilot
    The climbing gear you need for your next climb! This climbing kit includes Petzl MAMBO Dynamic Climbing Rope Petzl Corax Harness Verso Belay Device Screw Lock Carabiner
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