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R&W Rope carries a broad array or cord for both life critical and non-critical utility use. If you need parachute cord, be sure to visit our dedicated Paracord section, where you'll find hundreds of colors and styles.

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  • Sterling Marathon Lanyard

    A 10.7mm non-adjustable dynamic rope cowtail for work positioning and back-up belay connection. Stitched-end terminations provide accurate lengths and eliminate bulky knots. Clear rubber shrink tube provides protection against abrasion....
    From $20.50
  • Sterling Flat Nylon Rabbit Runner - 1"

    The Sterling rabbit Runner is a great, versatile runner in 1" flat nylon webbing. This sewn runner is perfect to use on big walls, alpine, or ice or in rescue...
    From $15.50
  • Sterling AR Anchor Kit

    The A/R Anchor is an Adjustable and Retrievable friction saver for working in the trees. The Ring Sling has a large ring sewn onto one end and a RIT RING...
  • Kong Static Rope Lanyard

    Kong's adjustable work positioning lanyards is made with static rope. 11MM x 2.5M
  • New England Ropes Ocean Hitch Cord

    The cover of Ocean Polyester Eye-to-Eye consists of braided aramid and polyester, its core of high quality polyester fibers. This mix of materials makes e2e highly heat resistant. The stitched...
  • New England Ropes antiSHOCK Lanyard

    New England Ropes new antiSHOCK tool lanyard is another innovation for arborists from TEUFELBERGER. What makes this lanyard for tools so special is how it absorbs forces. In the event...
  • Petzl ZILLON Sewn Lanyard for Tree Care

    Petzl's adjustable ZILLON lanyard is designed for arborist work positioning. It is used doubled, on the harness side attachment points, to distribute the load on the waistbelt. It is easily...
    From $209.95
  • Petzl Spelegyca Lanyard

    Petzl's Spelegyca Lanyard is designed to help pass rebelays when caving or canyoning. Two different arm lengths (32 and 58 cm) to facilitate rope maneuvers Equipped with STRINGs to hold...
  • Sterling RIT Footlock Sling

    The RIT Footlock Prusik makes use of Sterling's RIT construction to create a prusik soft enough to bite down when hitched but firm enough to advance easily while ascending during...
    From $18.80
  • Sterling RIT Multisling Prusik

    Sterling’s RIT MultiSling Prusik combines their 10mm Safetypro lanyard and RIT 500 bound loop Prusik with an aluminum ring. The RIT bound loop prusik with its heat resistant sheath minimizes...
  • Sterling Ultimate Positioning Lanyard

    Sterling's UP Lanyard is designed to function as a true work positioning system. Multiple work and connection options allow for two-in-one positioning, one handed operation of tending slack, åäÌÝ̏MåäÌÝå system...
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