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When performance matters as much as authenticity and classic styling, choose the best traditional marine hardware from the age of wooden boats, classic yachting and working sail. R&W Rope is very active within rigging and sailing areas, and traditional marine hardware works great with the ropes we make for rigging solutions.

R&W offers Schaefer products and is proud to be the exclusive U.S. Distributor of Davey & Company marine equipment. Davey & Company has been making marine hardware and equipment for over 120 years. Check out their website here: If you find something in their catalog that is not on our website call us with the part number and we will order it for you.

For more information on our bronze marine hardware, or if you have any questions, contact us today!

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  • Bronze Good Fortune Star

    A star on board encourages luck, good fortune, and positive energy. Legend insures that it will make good things better and stop bad things from getting worse. These lucky stars...
    From $35.66
  • Brass Hooks

    Brass or chrome, with a single, double, or compact hook.   Single Double Compact Height 1 1/2 in.  38mm 2 in. 50mm 2 1/2 in.  60mm Projects 3/4 in. 20mm Brass 8260/BR/037 8260/BR/050...
    From $14.00
  • Brass Lift-Off Hinges

     Sturdy extruded brass hinge with a brass pin. Satin finish. The hand is determined by which half retains the pin.
    From $13.56
  • Cabin Hooks

    Silent pattern cabin hooks won't rattle when loose. Available in polished brass or chrome plate finish. Highest quality, British-made brass adheres to the stringent controls of the manufacturer in England....
    From $59.80
  • Brass Butt Hinges

    Extruded brass hinge with brass pin. Satin finish.
    From $8.24
  • Toggle Fasteners

    Die cast in brass in three patterns.
    From $28.00
  • Barrel Bolts - Straight

     Davey & Co. barrel bolts in solid brass extrusions in straight and cranked patterns.
    From $23.92
  • Folding Coat Hook

      Sturdy brass coat hooks that fold flat against the wall when not in use. These substantial hooks are available in 3 and 4 arm versions. Highest quality, British-made brass...
    From $45.00
  • Locker & Strap Hinges

      High quality, cast brass hinges for various uses around the cabin or the sea locker. Also available in chrome by special order. Brass Length Width 0833/BR 3 7/8" 98mm...
    From $18.50
  • Heavy Duty Lifting Ring - without Catch

      Polished brass fitting with a flush ring. The larger ring enables two or more fingers to be used for heavier hatches. 3 in. x 2 in. Also offered in chrome....
    From $28.00
  • Davey & Co. Separating Hinges

      High-strength bronze hinges that can separate and reconnect easily by simply pulling the spring loaded pin. Acts as both a hinge and a catch. Ideal for · hatches· engine...
    From $129.54
  • Flush Rings - Round

    These Davey & Co. flush rings are high quality in all brass with a generous recess to allow fingers access to the rings. Brass Chrome Length 8502/CP/037 1 1/2" 38mm...
    From $90.50
  • Self Gripping Door Stop

    Cast in brass with a rubber buffer, the hook automatically holds the door in the open position.
    From $30.52
  • Holding Down Bolt

    Manufactured in brass and polished, these strong securing screws are ideal for skylights, hatches etc.
    From $65.18
  • Anti-Rattle Fastener

    A very versatile and effective catch for door, drawer or hatch fastening.
    From $43.00
  • Davey & Company Hasp and Staple

    Die cast brass and available in natural finish or chrome plated.
    From $23.00
  • Brass Drop Rings - Forged

    A high load fitting with a deep section forged housing and large forged ring for extra strength and ease of use. Available in Brass or Chrome.
    From $56.00
  • Counter Flap Hinges

     Extruded brass hinge with brass pin. Polished finish.  Optional chrome plating for some sizes.   Please note that chrome options are a custom order not carried in stock, please allow...
    From $33.00
  • Cupboard Latch

    Brass latch with various handle options.
    From $14.90
  • Cabin & Toilet Locks

    Sea Blue security locks from the lock capital of England will withstand both corrosion and physical attack. The heavy steel casing has a high chromate electro protected surface for military-grade...
    From $102.00
  • Toilet Roll Holder - Brass and Wood

    Traditional style fitting with polished cast bronze bracket and wooden roller.
    From $58.00
  • Canted Brass Handle

      Cast in brass and then polished. Also available chrome plated. Please note that chrome options are a custom order not carried in stock, please allow for a lead time...
    From $64.00
  • Hasp & Staple

    Heavy duty cast brass and polished hasp and staple.
    From $59.32
  • Locker Catch

    Spring loaded rocking catch and keeper in die cast brass or chrome plated.   Please note that chrome options are a custom order not carried in stock, please allow for...
    From $17.00
  • Turn Buttons

    Quality brass turn buttons for a nice, secure latch around the cabin.
  • Tee Hinges

    Heavy duty cast brass hinge with a solid brass pin and high polished finish. Available in strap lengths of 6 in, 8 in, and 10 in. Highest quality, British-made brass...
    From $111.00
  • Rope Handrail Stanchions

    These solid cast brass rope railing stanchions from Davey and Company of London are slightly lighter weight than their heavy duty rope railing stanchion cousins. They feature a lighter pattern,...
    From $35.80
  • Spring Door Holder

      Spring loaded brass jaws catch and hold the stem to secure the door in the open position. Optional chrome plating.    Please note that chrome options are a custom...
    From $16.50
  • Drawer Pull - Pressed Brass

      A lightweight drawer pull in polished pressed brass or chrome plating. Please note that chrome options are a custom order not carried in stock, please allow for a lead...
    From $21.96
  • Skylight Hinges

    Cast bronze with a polished finish, optional chrome plating. Center section is curved to suit skylight frame.   Please note that chrome options are a custom order not carried in...
    From $135.96
  • Push Button Catch

    Manufactured in brass and available polished or chrome plated. Supplied complete with striking plate. Maximum door thickness 1" (25mm).
    From $85.32
  • Die Cast Furniture - Oval Door Knob

    A range of door knobs, rings, or levers in die cast brass or optional chrome plating, with 5/16" (8mm) spindles.   Please note that chrome options are a custom order...
    From $41.00
  • Galley Pump - Lever

    Traditional lever action galley pump, able to pump both fresh and salt water.
    From $538.00
  • Sash or Door Handles

    9121/BR/140 - 5 1/2" Brass Door handle. Cast brass with a polished finish.
  • Turn Button Hasps

    Made in a beautiful polished cast brass, these fitting are suitable for skylight closures, lockers and many other applications around the cabin. This heavy-duty cast brass is much more substantial...
    From $70.50
  • Automatic Button

    A gravity operated locker catch which simply swings to one side to allow opening.
    From $20.40
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