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  • The Splicing Handbook, Third Edition: Techniques for Modern and Traditional Ropes

    data-name="The Splicing Handbook, Third Edition: Techniques for Modern and Traditional Ropes" Trustpilot
    The only reference devoted entirely to splicing today’s ropes. The Splicing Handbook includes step-by-step illustrations and explanations for the most useful and popular splices in traditional twisted and modern braided...
  • Daveyshine Metal and Fiberglass Polish

    data-name="Daveyshine Metal and Fiberglass Polish" Trustpilot
    A high-performance metal cleaner and polish ideally suited to marine metals like bronze, brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, chrome. The smooth paste applies accurately leaves a luxuriously shine and protective...
  • Samson Splicing Manual

    data-name="Samson Splicing Manual" Trustpilot
    For over 130 years, Samson has led the way in developing high-performance cordage to meet the most demanding applications. This book represents the latest techniques for working with all types...
  • Cotton Canvas Front Flap Satchel Bag
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    Cotton Canvas Front Flap Satchel Bag

    data-name="Cotton Canvas Front Flap Satchel Bag" Trustpilot
    Our popular R&W Rope canvas satchel bag is now available online! This 100% cotton canvas bag measures 13"h x 13"w x 3" depth. Handle strap extends to 44". The R&W...
  • Lanoguard Anticorrosive Waterproofing Lubricant

    data-name="Lanoguard Anticorrosive Waterproofing Lubricant" Trustpilot
    Lanoguard is an all-purpose anti-corrosive, lubricant and water proofing agent that delivers superb results in a wide variety of applications. Lanoguard contains lanolin, is completely non-toxic, and can be used...
    From $23.40
  • Rope Dog Leash- Polyester Double Braid

    data-name="Rope Dog Leash- Polyester Double Braid" Trustpilot
    This beautiful, high quality dog leash is custom made by R&W Rope. It's made from 1/2" polyester double braid rope which is commonly used for tree stand safety kits, docklines,...
  • Tiny Teak Block

    data-name="Tiny Teak Block" Trustpilot
    A flag pulley handmade with the same skill and care and as our full-size teak blocks. This tiny flag line block makes a great keyfob, desk accessory or put into...
  • Electric Fence Rope

    data-name="Electric Fence Rope" Trustpilot
    Novabraid Electric Fence is a horse and livestock fencing that contains an embedded helix of copper conductors within a polyester braid rope. It's less damaging to entangled animals and far...
    From $270.00
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