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Pet & Equine Rope

Whether you have dogs, horses, or a farm full of animals you probably need rope. Whether its high quality leashes, leads, reins, or other training tools we can help you out. We do offer a small selection of pre-made products for you to shop from. However, our specialty in the pet world is making custom products specific to the needs of our customers and their furry best friends. We also offer a variety of rope that can be used as dog runs, rope barriers and even an electric fence option. If you are looking for custom products for your pet please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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  • POSH Polyester 3 Strand Rope

    Please Note: Posh is spooled and measured under tension. Cut lengths will shrink in length slightly when no longer under tension. If you need a 30' length it is safest...
    From $0.55
  • Novabraid XLE Performer - Polyester Double Braid Rope

    Novabraid XLE Performer is a high performance, super strong, super low elongation polyester double braid.  XLE is Novabraid's top of the line performance sailing rope for cruising or racing. This...
    From $0.55
  • 100% Cotton 3 Strand Rope

    All natural, undyed, 100% cotton rope in a three-strand construction. Cotton has a very soft hand, is heat resistant and flame-retardant, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Cotton is a natural fiber...
    From $0.15
  • Vintage 3 Strand Polyester Rope

    Made of 100% polyester, Vintage 3-Strand looks like a traditional filament rope, but behaves like state-of-the-art cordage. Low stretch running rigging with excellent abrasion resistance. Easy to splice. Vintage 3-Strand can...
    From $0.65
  • RPET - Recycled Material Rope

    RPET is a braided line made of recycled PET bottles. Depending on the diameter the cover is 16 or 24 braided. It can be used for many different applications, including...
    From $0.15
  • Manila 3 Strand Rope

    An inexpensive, general purpose, decorative rope made from abaca plant fibers. Manila is a great choice for indoor or outdoor decorating and architecture projects, such as railings for stairs, docks...
    From $0.10
  • Vintage Sta-Set Polyester Double Braid Rope

    High strength, low stretch, extremely durable, Vintage Sta-Set still remains soft over time. It is both easy to handle and splice. Same great Sta-Set with a cool vintage look.  Our...
    From $1.10
  • Nylon Double Braid Rope

    Nylon Double Braid Rope is ideal for dock lines and mooring pendants, anchor line and snubbers. Great for horse leads, dog leashes, rope handles, and any use where strength and...
    From $0.45
  • Electric Fence Rope

    Novabraid Electric Fence is a horse and livestock fencing that contains an embedded helix of copper conductors within a polyester braid rope. It's less damaging to entangled animals and far...
    From $297.00
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