Petzl Collection Banner ImagePetzl’s story began in the 1930’s with a man by the name of Fernand Petzl, a passionate caver. Petzl offers innovative and high quality gear for both the climbing and safety industry. Their mission is “to create innovative tools and services that allow men and women to progress, position, and protect themselves in vertical environments, as well as to light their way in the dark.” We appreciate their dedication to the safety of their customers and are proud to be one of their U.S. Distributors.

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  • Petzl Delta Screw Link

    data-name="Petzl Delta Screw Link" Trustpilot
    Triangular steel quick link for making a semi-permanent anchor ring. Rod stock diameter of 10 mm. When closed with a wrench, it becomes a semi-permanent anchor ring. Weight: 150 g...
  • Petzl ASAP Fall Arrester

    data-name="Petzl ASAP Fall Arrester" Trustpilot
    Mobile fall-arrest device for rope With its unique locking system, the ASAP is a reference product in fall protection for workers at height. In normal use, the device moves freely...
  • Petzl AVAO BOD FAST Harness

    data-name="Petzl AVAO BOD FAST Harness" Trustpilot
    The AVAO BOD FAST fall arrest, work positioning and suspension harness is designed for greater comfort in all situations. Wide, semi-rigid waistbelt and leg loops give excellent support. Its lightweight,...
    From $449.95
  • Petzl GRIGRI +

    data-name="Petzl GRIGRI +" Trustpilot
    R&W Rope is a proud distributor of Petzl products. GRIGRI + is an assisted braking device designed for all climbers, for both indoor and outdoor climbing. It can be used...
  • Petzl Tactikka & RGB Headlamp

    data-name="Petzl Tactikka & RGB Headlamp" Trustpilot
    Petzl's Tactikka & RGB Headlamp is ideal for hunting and fishing. White or red lighting preserves night vision and ensures stealth. 160 lumens maximum Designed for activities where stealth is...
  • Petzl ZIGZAG Plus

    data-name="Petzl ZIGZAG Plus" Trustpilot
    The ZIGZAG PLUS mechanical Prusik allows the user to move around efficiently in a tree using classic Prusik pulley system technique. The friction chain provides precision and fluidity when moving...
  • Petzl Caritool

    data-name="Petzl Caritool" Trustpilot
    The CARITOOL tool holder allows the user to select and return tools with just one hand. It slips in through the harness straps and stays in place, thanks to its...
    From $8.95
  • Petzl William (Screw - Lock) Carabiner

    data-name="Petzl William (Screw - Lock) Carabiner" Trustpilot
    Large, pear-shaped locking carabiner for belay stations and belaying with a Munter hitch. The WILLIAM asymmetrical large capacity aluminum carabiner has a pear shape that is practical for easily connecting...
  • Petzl RIG Descender

    data-name="Petzl RIG Descender" Trustpilot
    RIG is a self-braking descender with a handle that enables convenient control of the descent. The AUTO-LOCK system allows users to quickly position themselves without having to manipulate the handle...
    From $209.95
  • Petzl Sequoia SRT Single Rope Harness

    data-name="Petzl Sequoia SRT Single Rope Harness" Trustpilot
    The SEQUOIA SRT is a tree care seat harness for ascents on a single rope. It has a ventral attachment point and a rear buckle for installing a CROLL ventral...
    From $69.95
  • Petzl Vertex Vent Helmet

    data-name="Petzl Vertex Vent Helmet" Trustpilot
    The VERTEX VENT helmet is very comfortable, thanks to its six-point textile suspension and CENTERFIT and FLIP&FIT systems, which guarantee that the helmet fits securely on the head. The adjustable-strength...
  • Petzl Falcon Harness

    data-name="Petzl Falcon Harness" Trustpilot
    Lightweight seat harness for rescue with waistbelt and leg loops lined with breathable perforated foam for maximum comfort. Waistbelt and leg loops equipped with self-locking DoubleBack buckles for quick and...
  • Petzl I'D L Descender

    data-name="Petzl I'D L Descender" Trustpilot
    Self-braking descender for rescue, with anti-panic function and no gate, that allows descent control, easier movement on inclined or horizontal terrain and positioning at the work station without the need...
    From $299.95
  • Petzl ZIGZAG Descender

    data-name="Petzl ZIGZAG Descender" Trustpilot
    The Petzl ZIGZAG mechanical Prusik allows the user to move around efficiently in a tree using classic Prusik pulley system technique. The linked rings provide precision and fluidity when moving...
  • Petzl Pandion Harness

    data-name="Petzl Pandion Harness" Trustpilot
    This compact and lightweight harness is great for climbing, glacier travel, and adventure racing. Also great for beginning climbers. Adjustable leg loops allow size to be adjusted depending on comfort...
  • Petzl ASTRO BOD FAST Harness - International Version

    data-name="Petzl ASTRO BOD FAST Harness - International Version" Trustpilot
    With an integrated CROLL L ventral rope clamp, the ASTRO BOD FAST harness is designed for greater efficiency and comfort during rope ascents. The gated ventral attachment point allows optimal...
    From $499.99
  • Petzl Verso

    data-name="Petzl Verso" Trustpilot
    Petzl™ Verso is their lightest Belay/rappel device with adaptive rope control technology. VERSO belay/rappel device offers a lighter and more compact option for climbers looking to reduce the size and...
  • Petzl ZILLON Sewn Lanyard for Tree Care

    data-name="Petzl ZILLON Sewn Lanyard for Tree Care" Trustpilot
    Petzl's adjustable ZILLON lanyard is designed for arborist work positioning. It is used doubled, on the harness side attachment points, to distribute the load on the waistbelt. It is easily...
    From $224.95
  • Petzl Alveo Vent Helmet, Yellow

    data-name="Petzl Alveo Vent Helmet, Yellow" Trustpilot
    Lightweight ventilated helmet for work at height and rescue. Excellent protection for work at height:- impacts are absorbed by deformation of the expanded polystyrene liner- strong chinstrap (more than 50...
  • Petzl Panga Helmet

    data-name="Petzl Panga Helmet" Trustpilot
    PANGA is a durable, easy-to-use helmet, designed for group and club use. Its FLIP & FIT system immediately positions the headband in a low position, guaranteeing that the helmet fits...
  • Petzl CORDEX Gloves

    data-name="Petzl CORDEX Gloves" Trustpilot
    These lightweight belay/rappel gloves combine the durability of a work glove with the precise fit and dexterity of a thinner glove. Double-layered leather protects the palm and other high-wear areas....
  • Petzl Vertex Best Helmet, CSA & ANSI

    data-name="Petzl Vertex Best Helmet, CSA & ANSI" Trustpilot
    With its strong chinstrap, Petzl's VERTEX BEST helmet sets the standard in head protection for workers at height. Its unventilated shell protects against electrical hazards and molten metal splash. Its...
  • Petzl Sequoia Harness

    data-name="Petzl Sequoia Harness" Trustpilot
    The Petzl SEQUOIA harness is a seat harness for tree care. Designed for the arborist's comfort, the extra-wide, semi-rigid waist belt and leg loops give excellent support. The attachment bridge...
    From $129.95
  • Petzl Reverso 4 Descender

    data-name="Petzl Reverso 4 Descender" Trustpilot
    This belay/rappel device is lightweight and easy to use. V-shaped friction channels, with asymmetrical side grooves, adapt the rope friction for better control (braking adapted to half, twin and single...
  • Petzl Maestro L

    data-name="Petzl Maestro L" Trustpilot
    MAESTRO L is a descender designed for technical rescue operations. It facilitates manipulation of heavy loads, for lowering or hauling, and may be used in both the primary system or...

    data-name="Petzl ASAP'SORBER" Trustpilot
    The ASAP’SORBER energy absorber may only be used with an ASAP or ASAP LOCK mobile fall arrester. It allows user to work at a distance from the rope, in order...
    From $44.95
  • Petzl Grillon

    data-name="Petzl Grillon" Trustpilot
    The GRILLON adjustable lanyard is used to make work positioning systems, to complement a fall-arrest system. Its length can be very easily and precisely adjusted as necessary for comfortable positioning...
    From $199.95
  • Petzl Meteor Climbing Helmet

    data-name="Petzl Meteor Climbing Helmet" Trustpilot
    The Petzl Meteor climbing helmet is a popular choice of climbers seeking a lightweight, comfortable design. It's so light and well ventilated that you may even forget you're wearing a...
  • Petzl Chest'Air Harness

    data-name="Petzl Chest'Air Harness" Trustpilot
    The CHEST’AIR chest harness transforms the FALCON, FALCON MOUNTAIN, AVAO SIT and SEQUOIA SRT seat harnesses into fall arrest harnesses. Connects simply to the harness ventral attachment point for rapid...
  • Ange Finesse Quickdraw

    data-name="Ange Finesse Quickdraw" Trustpilot
    Ultra-light quickdraw for sport climbing. Featuring the MonoFil keylock technology. Available in two lengths and two carabiner sizes
  • Spirit Express Quickdraw

    data-name="Spirit Express Quickdraw" Trustpilot
    Lightweight, ergonomic quickdraw for sport climbing. With straight gate and bent gate carabiner for efficiency in clipping. Available in two lengths 11cm, 17cm
  • Corax Harness

    data-name="Corax Harness" Trustpilot
    Mountaineering and technical climbing harness, with double bucket waist belt design for ease of fit.
  • 10.1 Mambo Dynamic Rope

    data-name="10.1 Mambo Dynamic Rope" Trustpilot
    Single dynamic rope for outdoor or indoor climbing. Available in three lengths and two different colors.
    From $179.95
  • 9.8mm Contact Dynamic Rope

    data-name="9.8mm Contact Dynamic Rope" Trustpilot
    Good all around single dynamic rope, versatile and allowing for progression to higher end route climbing. The 9.8mm diameter has a light feel, but still plenty of diameter for durability.
  • 9.5mm Arial Dynamic Rope

    data-name="9.5mm Arial Dynamic Rope" Trustpilot
    A DRY dynamic single rope, with a slightly smaller diameter for more challenging ascents. Two different colors and 3 length options
  • 10.1 mm Mambo Wall Dynamic Rope

    data-name="10.1 mm Mambo Wall Dynamic Rope" Trustpilot
    Single dynamic rope for indoor climbing. Available in 2 colors, and 2 different lengths.
    From $99.95
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