Rope Care & Storage

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  • New England Ropes Rope Bucket

    Keep everything in perfect order and within reach! We offer two sizes for various different tree care utensils. A convenient system of perforations allows users to arrange their equipment systematically...
    From $160.00
  • Sterling Rescue Rope Bag

    Sterling rescue rope bag holds 75ft waterline water rescue rope. This bag's bright yellow color makes it easily visible and comes with a handy handle and cinch top closure.
  • Sterling Rope Bag

    Sterling's rescue rope bags are available in three sizes and feature padded backpack straps for easy hauling, a clear front pocket to store a rope log, and a rope cinch...
    From $35.95
  • Sterling Rope Tarp

    Sterling's rope tarp w/pocket to hold keys, cell phone, etc.
  • Sterling Wicked Good Rope Wash

    Keep your ropes strong and safe with Sterling Wicked Good Rope Wash. Wash your ropes after approximately 30-40 uses, or if the rope has excessive dirt throughout the sheath. Rope...
    From $2.40
  • Stockholm Tar

    A strongly preservative thick liquid used to preserve natural cordage and timber.
    From $35.00
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