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To help prove how dynamic the different uses of rope can be, taking apart your rope can lead to even more uses. By untwisting and then intertwining strands of a rope, you can create even more options for what your new rope can do. Common instances where this can be seen is through anchor lines, dock lines, dog and horse leashes, fitness ropes, and towing lines. A very common practice is intertwining a rope within itself to create a loop on the end, leading to various other uses.

R&W Rope creates durable prespliced rope products to save you the trouble of intertwining your own rope. Many of our products even come with built-in chafe guard options, creating an extra layer of protection and allowing your rope to last longer.

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  • New England Ropes Rope Bucket

    data-name="New England Ropes Rope Bucket" Trustpilot
    Keep everything in perfect order and within reach! We offer two sizes for various different tree care utensils. A convenient system of perforations allows users to arrange their equipment systematically...
    From $201.00
  • Sterling Rescue Rope Bag

    data-name="Sterling Rescue Rope Bag" Trustpilot
    Sterling rescue rope bag holds 75ft waterline water rescue rope. This bag's bright yellow color makes it easily visible and comes with a handy handle and cinch top closure.
  • Sterling Rope Bag

    data-name="Sterling Rope Bag" Trustpilot
    Sterling's rescue rope bags are available in three sizes and feature padded backpack straps for easy hauling, a clear front pocket to store a rope log, and a rope cinch...
    From $35.95
  • Sterling Rope Tarp

    data-name="Sterling Rope Tarp" Trustpilot
    Sterling's rope tarp w/pocket to hold keys, cell phone, etc.
  • Sterling Wicked Good Rope Wash

    data-name="Sterling Wicked Good Rope Wash" Trustpilot
    Keep your ropes strong and safe with Sterling Wicked Good Rope Wash. Wash your ropes after approximately 30-40 uses, or if the rope has excessive dirt throughout the sheath. Rope...
    From $2.40
  • Stockholm Tar

    data-name="Stockholm Tar" Trustpilot
    R&W Rope continues to experience shipping delays from Davey & Co and Toplight due to the European COVID status. Please have patience with your order, not all items are in...
    From $41.55
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