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To help prove how dynamic the different uses of rope can be, taking apart your rope can lead to even more uses. By untwisting and then intertwining strands of a rope, you can create even more options for what your new rope can do. Common instances where this can be seen is through anchor lines, dock lines, dog and horse leashes, fitness ropes, and towing lines. A very common practice is intertwining a rope within itself to create a loop on the end, leading to various other uses.

R&W Rope creates durable prespliced rope products to save you the trouble of intertwining your own rope. Many of our products even come with built-in chafe guard options, creating an extra layer of protection and allowing your rope to last longer.

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  • Chafe-Pro Commercial Grade Series Chafe Protection

    data-name="Chafe-Pro Commercial Grade Series Chafe Protection" Trustpilot
    For government orders, contact us at 800-260-8599 and ask to speak with one of our government sales representatives. Please note, the GSA Contract Number of FJORD, Inc., the parent company...
    From $59.99
  • Chafe-Pro Eye Units

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    Chafe-Pro's Eye Units are designed for ease of application and removal. In just a few minutes, a single person can remove or install an Eye Unit. It can be installed...
    From $24.00
  • Chafe-Pro Hydraulic Hose Cover

    data-name="Chafe-Pro Hydraulic Hose Cover" Trustpilot
    Chafe-Pro Hydraulic-Hose Covers are designed to protect hydraulic hoses from destruction caused by long exposure to UV radiation, the elements, from cutting, and chafe abrasion. Chafe-Pro is constructed of a...
    From $7.50
  • Chafe-Pro Megayacht Series Chafe Protection

    data-name="Chafe-Pro Megayacht Series Chafe Protection" Trustpilot
    Chafe-Pro’s Megayacht Series is ideal for protecting a yacht’s mooring lines from pier and/or chock abrasion. The Megayacht Series is constructed of multiple layers of specially formulated and designed heavy-duty...
    From $59.99
  • Chafe-Pro ThorGuard

    data-name="Chafe-Pro ThorGuard" Trustpilot
    Thor Guard lines are built to order. Call 800-260-8599 to start building your custom chafe gear using the line of your choice and protected with Thor-Guard. Chafe-Pro's Thor Guard is...
  • Chafe-Pro Tow Series Chafe Protection

    data-name="Chafe-Pro Tow Series Chafe Protection" Trustpilot
    Chafe-Pro's Ship Tow Series was designed to protect tow lines and ship-assist lines under heavy strains. These units are coated with Viking Armor, a proprietary blend of water-based polyester, urethane,...
    From $27.50
  • Chafe-Pro Tubular Chafe Sleeve

    data-name="Chafe-Pro Tubular Chafe Sleeve" Trustpilot
    Chafe-Pro's Tubular Chafe Sleeve for permanent installation. Great for mooring pendants and assembled rope products. Must be lashed or sewn to secure to rope. Heavy ballistic nylon construction. Tubular Chafe...
    From $2.99
  • Chafe-Pro Wooly Chafe Protection

    data-name="Chafe-Pro Wooly Chafe Protection" Trustpilot
    An extremely soft and luxurious chafe protection, Chafe-Pro Wooly was manufactured to prevent dock and fender lines from scuffing paint or gel coat finishes on yachts. As with all Chafe-Pro...
    From $129.99
  • Chafe-Pro Yacht Grade Series Chafe Protection

    data-name="Chafe-Pro Yacht Grade Series Chafe Protection" Trustpilot
    Chafe-Pro's Yacht Grade Series is designed to be tough, and yet removable - to be applied after a line is already spliced. This chafe gear is a perfect choice for...
    From $29.99
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