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Rigging Tools

R&W Rope is your premier provider for professional-grade rigging tools and sail making supplies. For the avid sailor, you can’t settle for just any tools to get the job done. To meet the needs of even the most demanding craftsman, we carry a full line of high-quality tools to take care of any rigging or sail-making job. Some of the inventory we currently provide includes roping and seaming palms, needles, spikes, fids, Bosun and Currey knives, and more.

If you need guidance or information on the proper selection of rigging tools and sail making supplies, like fids, needles, palms, hot knives, and other products, please contact us. Our experienced rigging and sail making professionals can provide you with the best advice and service for any task.

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  • Captain Currey Lockspike Bosun Rigging Marlin Spike Knife (#903)

    This is the original Captain Currey Lockspike Knife designed by Captain Currey in 1940. Stainless Steel pocket knife with; Blade, locking spike and shackle opening slot. The Bosun comes packed...
  • Hot Knife - Soldering Gun

    This hot knife uses a soldering gun, and offers a more economical rope cutting and sealing alternative to the professional-quality Engel hot knife. This hot knife works very well, and...
  • Captain Currey Lockspike Captain's Knife #904

    A heavy duty, traditionally made, stainless steel pocket knife with a 60mm blade and lockable spike, large capacity shackle key (for pin heads up to 9mm), bottle opener and white...
  • Davey & Company 2-Piece Yachtsman's Knife Kit

    Aloft, on deck, or in the shop, this 2 piece kit will get you through every knot and kink right to the bitter end. Made in Sheffield, England's steel city,...
  • Heavy Duty Riggers Knife

    A solid, trustworthy tool for the rigger or bosun. Made in Sheffield, England's steel city, the thick, fixed steel blade will withstand the rigors of your daily work. A comfortable...
  • Captain Currey Lockspike Bosun Mate - Rigging Marlin Spike Knife (#902)

    The Bosun Mate pocket knife is a smaller and lighter version of the Bosun, making it ideal as a gift and great for use on dinghies and smaller boats. Dimensions...
  • Hot Knife - Bench Style BLADE ONLY

    Replacement blade for bench style hot knife.
  • Green River Knife

    A versatile, handy tool for the rigger or bosun. Always at your side, the thick leather belt sheath secures with a snap Made in Sheffield, England's steel city, the thick,...
  • Hot Knife - Gun Style

    This hot knife gun is the best quality rope cutter on the market. We use them everyday at our shop - a real professional tool that will last for years....
  • Hot Knife - Bench Style

    This hot knife is the highest quality rope cutter for a dedicated space. The bench mounted hot knife is perfect for your rigging shop, garage or basement work bench.
  • Hot Knife BLADE ONLY

    Replacement blade for Engel style hot knife
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