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R&W Rope is your premier provider for professional-grade rigging tools and sail making supplies. For the avid sailor, you can’t settle for just any tools to get the job done. To meet the needs of even the most demanding craftsman, we carry a full line of high-quality tools to take care of any rigging or sail-making job. Some of the inventory we currently provide includes roping and seaming palms, needles, spikes, fids, Bosun and Currey knives, and more.

If you need guidance or information on the proper selection of rigging tools and sail making supplies, like fids, needles, palms, hot knives, and other products, please contact us. Our experienced rigging and sail making professionals can provide you with the best advice and service for any task.

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  • Sail Maker's Needles

    data-name="Sail Maker's Needles" Trustpilot
    William Smith & Son needles have been the gold standard for sailmaker's since 1835. Very high quality, heavy duty triangular needles handmade of forged steel and easy on sailcloth. Smith...
    From $2.10
  • Canvas Rigger's Bag

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    A compact canvas bag that hold just about all the tools you will need. Available in canvas in White, and canvas with leather trim in White, Black and Blue. ·...
    From $25.00
  • Thread Wax

    data-name="Thread Wax" Trustpilot
    A great aid to hand sewing. The 3 oz. cup is made from natural bee's wax. The 1lb. block is composition wax.
    From $7.00
  • Seaming Palm, Medium Weight

    data-name="Seaming Palm, Medium Weight" Trustpilot
    Available for left or right hand use. This sewing palm includes a deep metal thimble-cup backed by a single layer of leather.
  • Speedy Stitcher

    data-name="Speedy Stitcher" Trustpilot
    A hand held sewing machine. Great for use anywhere. A real must for any ditty bag!
  • Roping Palm - Right Hand, Super Quality

    data-name="Roping Palm - Right Hand, Super Quality" Trustpilot
    Manufactured by William Smith Son of England, this item is the highest quality roping palm available today. The metal thimble is backed by 3 layers of leather, the extended thumb...
  • Seaming Palm, Super Quality

    data-name="Seaming Palm, Super Quality" Trustpilot
    Manufactured by William Smith Son of England, this high-quality, all leather seaming palm is the best on the market. Available for either left or right hand use.
  • Roping Palm - Right Hand - Professional Quality

    data-name="Roping Palm - Right Hand - Professional Quality" Trustpilot
    Available for right hand use only, this is a professional quality, leather roping palm is manufactured by William Smith Son of England.
  • Seaming Palm - Professional Quality

    data-name="Seaming Palm - Professional Quality" Trustpilot
    A professional quality leather seaming palm available for either left or right hand use. Manufactured by William Smith & Son, established in 1835 in Redditch, England and known for their...
  • Sailmakers Needles - Reduced Edge

    data-name="Sailmakers Needles - Reduced Edge" Trustpilot
    R&W Rope continues to experience shipping delays from Davey & Co and Toplight due to the European COVID status. Please have patience with your order, not all items are in...
    From $46.51
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