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This tarred marline is the real deal! Natural hemp twine soaked in Stockholm tar. Used to seize and serve standing and running rigging, seizing headsails to jib hanks, and rat boards too shrouds on traditional vessels.

Available in 2, 3, 4, or 5-ply.

Yield on the one pound tube is approximately 225 feet per pound for the 2-ply and approximately 150 feet per pound for 3-ply."


Technical specifications

Material: Hempflax
Construction: Twisted
Specific gravity: 1.38 (Sinks)
UV resistance: Good
Abrasion resistance: Fair
Chemical resistance: Fair

Spliceability: Average
Wet vs. dry strength: Up to 120%
Melting point: 180 ºC
Short heat resistance: 40 ºC
Elongation (at 20% break)3%
Colors: Natural, tarred, darkbrown

Extra Cut Length Fee:
(All Diameters) 0-3 = FREE
( 0 - 1") 4+ = $0.75/each additional cut
( Greater than 1") 4+ = $1.50/each additional cut

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