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Knot Tying Rope

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  • 100% Cotton 3 Strand Rope

    All natural, undyed, 100% cotton rope in a three-strand construction. Cotton has a very soft hand, is heat resistant and flame-retardant, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Cotton is a natural fiber...
    From $0.12
  • Handy Hundred Cord - Miscellaneous Colors (We Pick)

    Handy hundred cord is a versatile utility cord perfect for use in the home, garden, camping, boat, hunting, or anywhere a tough strong cord is needed. Handy hundred is 100%...
    From $3.00
  • Polished Hemp Rope - Natural Hemp Twine

    Polished hemp in 2mm, 3mm and 4mm sizes. Made of natural, undyed yarns. Polished Hemp cord is great for crafts, macrame, friendship bracelets, hemp jewelry, scrapbooking, embellishment, crochet & more....
    From $0.25
  • Sterling 1.5mm Mini Accessory Cord

    These smaller cords can be used in a wide range of applications from tie-down straps to braided braclets and any other non-life-safety applications. Choose from a variety of multi-colored stock...
    From $0.15
  • Uncle Mac's Sportsman Utility Cord

    Our signature line of sportsman's cord. High quality polyester braid ideal for decoy line, bow and rifle tag lines, call lanyards, and many other uses where a strong, durable, and...
    From $4.00
  • Tarred Marline

    This tarred marline is the real deal! Natural hemp twine soaked in Stockholm tar. Used to seize and serve standing and running rigging on traditional vessels. Available in 2, 3,...
    From $35.00
  • Tarred Nylon Twine

    A twisted Nylon Twine with tar coating used for serving wire standing rigging and seizings. Stock sizes: #18 (1LB), #24 (1LB), #36 (2LB), #48 (2LB), #60 (2LB), #72 (2LB), #96...
    From $15.00
  • Uncle Mac's Ice Fishing Line

    50 lb test braided Dacron Polyester braid. Proven for use with tip ups, reels, hand line, etc. This product is available in white/off white only.
    From $2.00
  • Handy Hundred Cord - 3000 ft Bulk Spools

    Handy hundred cord is a versatile utility cord that's great for home, garden, camping, boat, hunting, or anywhere a tough strong cord is needed. Handy hundred is 100% polyester, lightweight...
    From $32.00
  • Mini-Brite Nylon Accessory Cord

    This mini accessory cord is a spool of bright, multi-colored 100% Nylon cord that is great for sail ties, identifier lines, and hundreds of other utility applications. Every boat owner...
  • Uncle Mac's Decoy Line

    High quality Polyester braid ideal for decoy line. This line is strong, durable, and weather resistant.
    From $4.00
  • RPET - Recycled Material Rope

    RPET is a braided line made of recycled PET bottles. Depending on the diameter the cover is 16 or 24 braided. It can be used for many different applications, including...
    From $0.20
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