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  • Sterling Tactical Response Rope

    Designed for tactical operations, the 9.5 Tactical Response is a lightweight and high strength option. It's Technora sheath is heat and cut resistant making it an ideal rope for rappels...
  • Sterling Tech11 Arborist Rope

    First responders, certified arborists and rope access technicians don't have a lot in common, but they all rave about Sterling Rope's Tech11 ability to withstand their unique forms of worksite...
  • Sterling Gym Phenom

    The Sterling 10.3mm Gym Phenom was designed specifically to handle the high traffic and abuse climbing walls can dish out. The 10.3mm construction hits the sweet spot for gear compatibility...
    From $97.95
  • V-100 Vectran Double Braid Rope

    100% Vectran Core / Polyester Cover Our Hightest Strength / Low Stretch Double Braid Suitable for Grand Prix Race and Megayacht Use Ideal for Sheets, Runners, and Afterguys Virtually no...
  • Sterling SearchLite

    Developed for and used by FDNY, the SearchLite is a 7.5mm cord with reflective fibers in the sheath and a Technora / nylon core for strength, cut resistance and to...
    From $43.95
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