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Sterling Rope started in 1992. Over the past 25 years they have used innovation and a diligent work ethic to produce some of the highest quality ropes and gear for the climbing and safety industries. If you do not see what you’re looking for on our website don’t hesitate to call. Let us leverage our relationship with Sterling Rope to get you the best price we can.

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  • Sterling Osprey Autolock Oval Carabiner

    The Osprey AL is a 2-stage, oval-shaped carabiner. Crafted from high strength 7075-T6 aluminum, the Osprey is strong and lightweight. The oval-shape helps center loads on the carabiner and is...
    From $27.99
  • Sterling HTP Static 5/8"

    Ultra low stretch, all-weather Capability Sterling’s HTP (High Tenacity Polyester) rope is 100% polyester with significant advantages over mixed fiber static ropes. Inherently resistant to moisture, chemicals and UV rays,...
    From $254.99
  • Sterling FireTech2 100% Technora Rope - 7.5mm

    The FireTech2 is a 7.5mm escape rope made with 100% Technora that will retain strength after exposure to elevated temperatures and offers a longer burn-through time than mixed fiber ropes....
    From $114.99
  • Sterling Rope Bag

    Sterling's rescue rope bags are available in three sizes and feature padded backpack straps for easy hauling, a clear front pocket to store a rope log, and a rope cinch...
    From $44.99
  • Sterling Falcon Autolock Small Pear Carabiner

    The Falcon AL is a 2-stage, compact pear-shaped carabiner. Crafted from high strength 7075-T6 aluminum, the Falcon is strong, lightweight and great as a belay carabiner. Specifications Gate Opening .95"...
  • Sterling GrabLine 3/8"

    For most water rescue, 3/8” GrabLine™ is ideal. GrabLine is Sterling Rope's high tensile strength WaterLine with a "grip-able", tread-like sheath. These ropes also feature a nylon core, which provides...
    From $54.99
  • Sterling UltraLine 3/8"

    Sterling UltraLine features a high strength braided Dyneema core and a polypropylene sheath. Available in 1/4” and 3/8”, these ropes have superior strength to standard float rope while maintaining great...
    From $0.91
  • Sterling SafetyGlo 100% Nylon Reflective Rope - PER

    8MM Personal Escape Rope (PER) SafetyGlo is made from 100% nylon that has a high tensile strength.This SafetyGlo Escape Rope has reflective tracer added to the sheath and contains reflective...
    From $1.30
  • Sterling Big Gym

    The largest of Sterling's gym ropes, the 10.7mm Big Gym is the standard for gyms and climbing programs the world over. Sheath (%) Static Elongation (%) 38 9.0    ...
    From $429.99
  • Sterling Hawk Autolock Asymmetrical D Carabiner

    The Hawk AL is a 2-stage, asymmetrical D-shaped carabiner. Crafted from high strength 7075-T6 aluminum, the Hawk is strong and lightweight. The D-shape aligns loads along the spine, giving the...
  • Sterling SafetyPro 10.5mm

    Sterling SAFETYPRO rope series meets the demands of work access and rescue professionals. These Kermantle ropes are 100% nylon and have a great balance of durability, low elongation, supple hand...
    From $204.99
  • Sterling Atlas Rigging Line - 9/16"

    When you are removing trunk sections, your rigging system needs to be able to absorb large dynamic forces. That was the design mission behind Sterling Rope's new Atlas Rigging line....
    From $209.99
  • Sterling Eagle Autolock Large Pear Carabiner

    The Eagle AL is a 2-stage, large pear shaped carabiner. Crafted from high strength 7075-T6 aluminum, the Eagle is strong and lightweight. Specifications Gate Opening .95" (24mm) Shape Large Pear...
  • Sterling Duetto 8.4MM XEROS

    The Duetto XEROS is 8.4mm and built to be lightweight with a great hand. The smooth, abrasion resistant sheath glides over the rock and thru gear, ready to catch a...
    From $109.99
  • Sterling ZipLink

    The ZipLink from Sterling Rope is constructed from 3/4” nylon webbing and is a simple and effective tether for use in zip lines and challenge courses. The Ziplink can be...
    From $22.99
  • Sterling WaterLine 5/16"

    This high flotation rope features a polypropylene sheath for maximum flotation and a nylon core for strength. Great for use in whitewater, ice, or ocean environments. WaterLine is the perfect...
    From $119.99
  • Sterling FCX Descent Device

    Sterling's FCX is the newest and most advanced descent control device available. The FCX descent device uses a unique cam feature that allows smooth modulation so the user can easily...
  • Flat Nylon Webbing - Sterling 1" Type 18 Webbing Spool

    Type 18 webbing is a flat, woven nylon webbing that is abrasion resistant and offers a high tensile strength. The increased strength is often preferred in harsh or abrasive environments...
  • Sterling SafeD Carabiner w/ Lanyard Pin

    The SafeD carabiner is made from lightweight aluminum and is offered in 2 different styles; an autolock and a twistlock. Both carabiners feature a removable captive eye pin allowing a...
  • Sterling F4 Descent Device

    Compact and lightweight, Sterling's F4 Descent Device gives firefighters an advanced, yet simple tool for emergency egress. The F4 can be used by all sizes of firefighters with either left...
  • Sterling RIT 900

    The RIT 900 is a 6.8mm hollow braid construction search line heat resistant up to 932° and has a MBS of 4,200 lbs. The RIT 900 is a great choice...
    From $64.99
  • Sterling AR Anchor Kit

    The A/R Anchor is an Adjustable and Retrievable friction saver for working in the trees. The Ring Sling has a large ring sewn onto one end and a RIT RING...
  • Sterling Slim Gym

    The Sterling 10.1mm Slim Gym is perfect for testing your indoor lead skills, whether it's on a rainy afternoon or in the heart of the city.
    From $104.99
  • Flat Nylon Webbing - Sterling 1" Type 9800 Webbing Spool

    Type 9800 webbing from Sterling Rope is a flat, woven nylon webbing that is abrasion resistant and offers a high tensile strength. The increased strength is often preferred in harsh...
  • Sterling ATS Device

    ATS offers a wide range of control settings for canyoneering including a unique self-rescue solution. The ATS can handle all your belayed climbing needs including lead climbing, bottom and top...
  • Sterling SafeTech Technora / Nylon Rope - 8mm

    SafeTech is an 8mm escape rope that has a Technora sheath and nylon core construction. SafeTech is heat resistant is serves as an excellent escape rope for fire fighters.
    From $84.99
  • Sterling Tech11 Arborist Rope

    First responders, certified arborists and rope access technicians don't have a lot in common, but they all rave about Sterling Rope's Tech11 ability to withstand their unique forms of worksite...
    From $529.99
  • Sterling RIT Footlock Sling

    The RIT Footlock Prusik makes use of Sterling's RIT construction to create a prusik soft enough to bite down when hitched but firm enough to advance easily while ascending during...
    From $18.80
  • Sterling Chain Reactor

    The replacement for the traditional sewn daisy chains. The Standard Chain Reactor is available in 4 colors: Red, Neon Green, Blue and Black. The Pro has a doubled tether connection,...
    From $37.99
  • Sterling Flat Nylon Rabbit Runner - 1"

    The Sterling rabbit Runner is a great, versatile runner in 1" flat nylon webbing. This sewn runner is perfect to use on big walls, alpine, or ice or in rescue...
    From $21.99
  • Sterling WaterLine 1/2"

    This high flotation rope features a polypropylene sheath for maximum flotation and a nylon core for strength. Great for use in whitewater, ice, or ocean environments. WaterLine is the perfect...
    From $189.99
  • Sterling Tactical Response Rope

    Designed for tactical operations, the 9.5 Tactical Response is a lightweight and high strength option. It's Technora sheath is heat and cut resistant making it an ideal rope for rappels...
    From $299.99
  • Sterling Lightning GT Hook

    The Lightning GT hook offers a breakthrough in personal escape anchors. By integrating a gated hitching slot with a traditional hook anchor, firefighters now have the option of an easy...
  • Sterling Fusion Photon Alpine Touring

    When counting ounces you can’t get much more light then the Fusion Photon. Dual certified to half and twin this rope offers multiple benefits for when traveling across glaciers or...
    From $99.99
  • Sterling BARC - Basal Anchor Rigging Chain

    Big Ass Rigging Chain. That’s what Sterling's field testers dubbed it. Actually, BARC stands for “Basal Anchor Rigging Chain,” but who are we to argue? Try one and you’ll be...
    From $52.99
  • Sterling Nylon Sling, Flat 1"

    Sewn from high strength woven nylon, these flat slings offer almost two times the MBS of a tubular sling. These heavy duty slings are great for building anchors.
    From $18.99
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