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Versatile cords for a multitude of applications such as prusiks, cordelettes, hauling lines, tent guylines, shoelaces, zipper pulls, etc. - you name it.  Also widely used for horse halters, drum tensioning cord, and many other custom products.  Design your own color pattern or choose from a variety of multi-colored stock colors.  Functional, durable, and fashionable! 

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Unless a specific hank or spool length is specified in this product's title or description, rope and cord products on this site are priced by the foot. Enter the desired length of feet in the "Quantity" number of your order.

Your rope will ship as an uncut length in total feet unless otherwise specified. We offer UP TO THREE CUTS FREE OF CHARGE. Additional cuts are an upcharge (fee based on line diameter).

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1 Review

Samuel Colburn Nov 9th 2016

Strong and supple; excellent tool lanyard cord

I love Sterling's small diameter accessory cord; they all tie very nicely, and have a great feel for their relative strength. For tools, I like cord several times stronger than it should rightly need to be, but I also like for the cord to be supple and not get in the way of use or carrying of the tool. The 2mm meets these needs perfectly, and below I'll contrast with the other small diameter offerings from Sterling. Sterling's 1.5mm cord is great for this purpose, but feels very thin on a pocketknife (and isn't much bigger in diameter than, say, ice fishing line). It also has an MBS of only 45 lbs, which is a little weak for my tastes. Sterling's 2.75mm is almost twice as thick and is rated to 270 lbs, but it is just a little too stiff for what I'd be looking for. The cord can stand rigid under its own strength, and if you were to hang a tool from this cord, it would maintain that shape somewhat awkwardly when you take it off its hook. Sterling's 2mm cord is the perfect happy medium. It feels great in the hand, is just as supple as the 1.5mm cord, and has a MBS of 225 lbs, so it would take a serious accident to break. It cuts and melts nicely, it makes a lanyard knot of an acceptable bulk, and it doesn't ever feel like it's in the way. It is small and flexible enough that a strap hitch tightens nicely and holds securely until you want to remove it. I use this cord for all of my pocket knives, marlin spikes, and other similar small lanyards.

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