100% cotton three strand rope by Bohannon Textiles
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100% Cotton 3 Strand Rope

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Our cotton is made from 100% cotton fibers, unlike many other suppliers who use a blend of cotton and synthetic rug and other scrap yarns.

This cotton 3 strand rope is widely used as an animal lead rope, tie down rope, as well as for hobbles.

Because cotton is a natural fiber, it will not burn the person or the animal when under load.


A note re: quantity

Many of the rope products on this site are priced by the foot. If your product doesn't otherwise specify a length for a hank or spool, simply enter the desired length of feet in the "Quantity" number of your order. Your rope will ship as an uncut length in feet unless otherwise specified or requested. You can request any customizations in the "comment" section of your order.

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3 Reviews

Nicole Aug 26th 2017

Not what I was looking for but strong

I bought this rope for handmade rope leashes and collars. It is very very stiff and also has brown spots through it which both are not good for my intended purpose. Rope is strong though so it would be good for other purposes.

Kim Mar 1st 2017

On point

I got exactly what I ordered and promptly. Thank you! I will definitely order from you again :)

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