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Cotton Twine (1 LB)

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A natural fiber, twisted twine with traditional look and feel. Used by sailors and knot tyers for bag lanyards, chest beckets and other fancy knotwork.
Sometimes referred to as seine twine, this cotton twine has a looser lay for easy handling and great knotability.


Stock sizes: #18, #27, #30, #36, #48, #60 & #72
Package Size:  1 lb balls

Size # MM IN Approx yield per lb. Approx. tensile strength (lb)
 #18  1.5mm  1/16"  800 FT  40
 #27  1.8mm  1/16" +  600 FT  55
 #30  2.0mm  5/64"  500 FT  62
 #36  2.15mm  3/32"  400 FT  80
 #48  2.6mm  7/64"  300 FT  96
 #60  3.0mm  1/8"  240 FT  120
 #72  3.2mm  1/8" +  200 FT  144


Interested in learning more about knot tying? Try Barbara Merry's book, Marlinspike Sailor's Knots and Crafts. Try the #48 size to get started.

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6 Reviews

Dan Wilson Sep 12th 2019

Cotton Seine Twine, Size #36 (1 LB)

Made well, looks good, feels good.

Matt Evans Oct 29th 2018

Very nice, but...

I get line from R&W all the time for my rope and knot work. They are the best large-scale commercial supplier I have found. I do wish they would find a way to offer genuinely hard-laid cord.

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