Handy Hundred Cord - available in 17 colors!
Handy Hundred Cord in White
Handy Hundred Cord in Light Blue
Handy Hundred Cord in Space Blue
Handy Hundred Cord in Infinity Blue
Handy Hundred Cord in Flash Red
Handy Hundred Cord in Hot Orange
Handy Hundred Cord in Pink
Handy Hundred Cord in Plum
Handy Hundred Cord in Chrome Yellow
Handy Hundred Cord in Jungle Green
Handy Hundred Cord in Emerald Green
Handy Hundred Cord in Solution Dyed Black
Handy Hundred Cord in Pine
Handy Hundred Cord in Smoke
Handy Hundred Cord in Raw Umber
Handy Hundred Cord in Nutmeg
Handy Hundred Cord in Dark Bronze
Handy Hundred Cord - Dark Color Group (L to R):  Dark Bronze, Smoke, Raw Umber, Solution Dyed Black, Nutmeg
R&W Rope

Handy Hundred Cord

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Available in 17 colors!

R&W Rope's Handy Hundred Cord is the perfect accessory cord for over 100 uses!

Handy Hundred is a perennial favorite with knot tyers, crafters, boaters, campers, and outdoors enthusiasts. This small utility cord is great for home, garden, camping, indoors or out. Use our "Handy Hundred" anywhere a tough, strong cord is needed. Paracord crafters alsoenjoy working with handy hundred cord, as it's particularly well suited for jewelry making and fine decorative knotting.


Handy Hundred Cord - Construction

100% polyester

Handy Hundred Cord - Tensile Strength Rating

0.9mm - 43 lb.

1.4mm - 125 lb.

1.8mm - 173 lb.

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5 Reviews

Nate Jun 16th 2017

Great stuff

Consistent, strong, and easy to cut, tie or heat cut as needed. The color options are excellent for my needs.

Russell Leong May 30th 2017

Solution dyed black handy cord

The solution dyed black cord is pliable, strong, and does not fade or lose color, as with some of the brighter colors. It is very good for jewelry making, macrame, etc. and the finer cord can also look refined enough to pair with precious metals such as gold, or stone such as jade. The appropriate knotting and weaving of the black cord is key to bringing out its best qualities and tensile strength, without bulk. I have used it for developing Asian jewelry projects, as the thinner cord can be doubled for complex knots. I'd recommend this cord over the Asian silk or polyester cords that tend to be too soft for interesting knots. Solution dyed black is the best though, for more formal jewelry projects.

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