650 Paracord Flat Coreless - Black #2

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Our 650 flat coreless paracord offers the same cover used on our 550 Paracord, only without the nylon core. 650 cord is a great choice for paracord shoelaces, decorative knotting, and other crafts such as whips, bracelets, and watch bands.

Measures approx. 3/16" diameter.  

Tensile strength: 200 lbs.

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1 Review

Keanu from the 808 Whip Co. Mar 10th 2017

Great for whipmaking

As a whipmaker that works with nylon, a good deal of time is often spent simply "gutting" paracord before the braiding or plaiting even starts. It gets even more aggravating when you need to gut a single strand measuring 20+ feet. It costs slightly more than a regular spool of ungutted paracord from other sites, but the time saved from that extra step makes it well worth it. As they say, "time is money!" The overall consistency is excellent, and I've found that it has very little stretch; an issue I've had with a past supplier of coreless paracord. I did receive one spool a while back with a break in it, but it was 400' and 600' split, so it wasn't a big issue. Overall, R&W Rope has become my main source for cord, and delivers a quality product every single time.

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