All Rope Is Sold By The Foot as one continuous length - Unless There Are Specific Lengths Listed Above. - Contact Us For Sample Request

Kits include the following equipment:

1) 7/16" x 30' Nylon 3 Strand GI Rappelling Rope (Rated minimum 5,600 lb test. Color: Olive Drab)

1) 6mm x 4' Sterling Acc. Cord tied into a Prusik loop (Rated 3,600 lb test. Color: Black)

1) Sterling locking Carabiner (Rated minimum 5,000 lb test. Color: Black)

KIT I: above kit with a Figure 8 on a bight
KIT II: above kit with a 3" splice on one end


Directions: Your application may vary. Clinch the rappelling rope around the tree trunk, near or above your treestand position, by circling the trunk with the figure 8 on a bight end, OR the spliced end, and dropping the free end of the rope through the bight or splice eye back towards the ground, creating a girth hitch on the tree.

Tie the free end to something near the bottom of the climb/ladder, just to allow the rope to be secure and steady.

Attach the prusik to the 7/16" line, and clip the carabiner to yourself. As you climb, with a free hand, periodically move the prusik up the line with you.


We also offer Tree Stand Safety Kits in Nylon Doublebraid rope.

All products are made in the U.S.A.

Pre-spliced Rope Products are made to order and will ship within 7 business days.


Extra Cut Length Fee:
(All Diameters) 0-3 = FREE
( 0 - 1") 4+ = $0.75/each additional cut
( Greater than 1") 4+ = $1.50/each additional cut

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