Captain Currey Lockspike Bosun Rigging Marlin Spike Knife (#903)
Captain Currey Lockspike Bosun Knife
Captain Currey Lockspike Bosun Knife
Captain Currey

Captain Currey Lockspike Bosun Rigging Marlin Spike Knife (#903)

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This is the original Captain Currey Lockspike Knife designed by Captain Currey in 1940. Stainless Steel pocket knife with; Blade, locking spike and shackle opening slot.

The Bosun comes packed with a white sliding knot cotton lanyard.



Overall length : 93mm

Width : 31mm

Blade length : 65mm

Breadth : 8mm

Weight : 60g

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2 Reviews

Ralph Kurash May 1st 2019

Bosun knife

Arrived quickly, has nice tight hinges for the blade and spike and arrived sharp from the factory. I'm completely satisfied with this product.


A great option if looking small

This little knife has its flaws, but it is the smallest usable rigging knife I've found. I'm able to comfortably fit this in my small (watch) pocket of my jeans. Pros: - The build quality is quite adequate. It feels like a tool, but not a particularly top-tier tool. - The size is good, and once the blade or the spike are open, it is quite usable and comfortable in the hand. Cons: - The knife and spike are quite stiff out of the box. It requires quite a bit of lubricant to get them moving comfortably - The knife doesn't have a great opening mechanism, and it can be difficult to keep a grip on the blade to pull it open. - The spike came with a flattened tip that had not been smoothed and polished, and it quickly damaged some medium diameter rope. I spent some time on grinding and buffing wheels to get it acceptable smooth and rounded. I certainly wouldn't want this to be my primary rigging knife in an extreme situation. I can imagine a nightmare scenario where, once wet, I wouldn't be able to open the blade because of the tight action and poor opening grip. However, I'm very happy with the knife as one that is small enough to toss in a pocket for every-day carry, and as a backup to a more capable knife/spike.

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