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Handy Hundred Cord - Miscellaneous Colors (We Pick)

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Handy hundred cord is a versatile utility cord perfect for use in the home, garden, camping, boat, hunting, or anywhere a tough strong cord is needed. Handy hundred is 100% polyester, lightweight and rot resistant cord.

Jewelry makers, knot tyers, and paracord crafters also love Handy Hundred Cord for the fine decorative knots it produces. 

Stock colors: The colors in this mix are primarily whites, tans, browns, earth tones and pastels. 



Handy Hundred Cord - Construction
100% polyester


Handy Hundred Cord - Tensile Strength Rating
0.9mm - 43 lb.
1.4mm - 125 lb.
1.8mm - 173 lb.

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4 Reviews

Bob Trimble Aug 7th 2018

1.8 cord, 4 spools

I received the cord and although I haven't had the chance to use it as of yet, I'm sure that it will meet me needs. Originally, I had found some locally but they only carried it in a smaller size. The R&W Rope sit has a number of items that will come in very handy. Thank you!!

Jodi B Mar 27th 2018

1.8 Handy Hundred Cord Box of 25

I was actually surprised at the quality of this cord. It is very sturdy for it's size. I had thought I might like to use it for spool knitting (in addition to using it as-is for stringing necklaces), but it's not soft enough for knitting. I will still get use out of it as I originally intended. The only complaint I have is that the labels don't indicate color and it's difficult to differentiate between some that are similar. This is a problem I can contend with so still giving this product 5 stars. Price + Shipping was a great deal.

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