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Hemp Rope - Natural Hemp, Three Strand - 20mm diameter (3/4")

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This hemp rope is the real thing, made from non-drug, industrial fibers of the cannabis plant.  Do not confuse real hemp rope with manila rope, which is a completely different rope made from fibers of the abaca plant.

Amazingly low stretch, strong and supple to the hand, this time-honored authentic 3-strand hemp rope would have met with the approval of the original sailors of the classic vessels you respect. 


A note re: quantity

Many of the rope products on this site are priced by the foot. If your product doesn't otherwise specify a length for a hank or spool, simply enter the desired length of feet in the "Quantity" number of your order. Your rope will ship as an uncut length in feet unless otherwise specified or requested. You can request any customizations in the "comment" section of your order.

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1 Review

Paul Thomas Fuhrman Jan 19th 2017

The Real Deal - hemp standing rigging

I wrote the novel, "The Downeaster." In it I attempt to accurately the culture and the work of 19th Century foremast johnnies. I'm working on a talk about my novel. The hemp rope I purchased from R&W lets me put a piece of history in my listener's hands and helps make handing, reefing, and steering real and not something abstract. R&W authentic products also help me explain how an Able Bodied Seaman of the 1870's had to be able to do both sailmaker's work and rigger's work -- underway there was no choice. Having the natural product also helps illustrate the constant work required to maintain and replace hemp in a saltwater environment. R&W's dedication to offering the very best available today in both manila and hemp is a tremendous help to me.

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