Hempex synthetic hemp rope
Hempex synthetic hemp rope spool
Hempex synthetic hemp rope in use. Architectural rope.
Hempex synthetic hemp rope in use. Architectural rope. Beach walk.
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Hempex - The Synthetic Alternative to Hemp Rope

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Traditional look with the strength, durability and performance of a synthetic. Nearly indistinguishable from Natural Hemp, Hempex has a softer hand, requires less maintenance and wont rot. 

Trusted by tall ships and classic craft around the world, Hempex also performs well in crossfit gyms, obstacle courses and playsets. 

The 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" diameters of Hempex rope make an excellent, long lasting rope for stair railings. See the stair rope and hardware section of our site for rope railing stanchions.


· Sheets
· Halyards
· Anywhere a strong, UV resistant rope is needed

· Battle Ropes
· Climbing Ropes
· Cargo Nets

· Landscaping
· Stair handrails
· Hammocks
· Decorative uses


Hempex is available by the foot, or in full 720 ft. spools.

A note re: quantity

Many of the rope products on this site are priced by the foot. If your product doesn't otherwise specify a length for a hank or spool, simply enter the desired length of feet in the "Quantity" number of your order. Your rope will ship as an uncut length in feet unless otherwise specified or requested. You can request any customizations in the "comment" section of your order.

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4 Reviews

George Jan 17th 2018

8mm Hempex

I have tried all the types of synthetic hemp I could locate as of 2007-2008 (eight types from three sources). Hempex strikes a nice balance on durability, strength, hand (stifles initially and later - feel), and ease of splicing . So it is now my go-to synthetic hemp. All synthetic hemp wears out a lot faster than modern line, but I guess that comes with the territory.

Michael McCormick Sep 27th 2017

Slightly smoother then natural fiber

Needed to be able to dunk this line in water and not change structure. This rope proformed beautifully holding the knot with minimal bite lose verses Nylon.

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