Sinker cord, slinky slinker cord.
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Hollow Braid Nylon Paracord Sinker Cord / Slinky Drifter Cord

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 This hollow core nylon paracord is designed specifically for putting lead shot into it for use in slinky drift rigs. With a wide hollow opening, it'll easily fit BBs, bearings, or lead shot for do-it-yourself fishing "slinky weight" drifter sinkers that 'slink' along the bottom without getting fouled. Hence the various names this sinker line has adopted by anglers, such as sinker cord, slinky cord, or slinker cord.

But don't stop at slinky weights - it's great for many other uses, including shoelaces, tie downs, or utility use. Easy to splice!

Sold in 25, 50, 100 or 250 foot hanks. Available in 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2" diameter - all at the same low prices!
Call for full spool pricing.

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3 Reviews

Adam C. Feb 12th 2019


Cord is top quality. No complaints here.

Matthew Shoemaker Jan 2nd 2019

3/8 inch sinker cord

A great and high-quality product suitable for all of your shot-filling needs. I too am using it for the core of a bullwhip project, but have more plans for it in the future. My only gripe, if you will, is that it does not come on some sort of spool. I bought 50 feet of the stuff, and it is quite a handfull in the hank form I received it in. however, as R&W is mostly a bulk seller, I understand that smaller spools are probably not something that they do.

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