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When performance matters as much as authenticity, choose the best marine hardware from the age of wooden boats, classic yachting and working sail. 

R&W offers Schaefer products and is proud to be the exclusive U.S. Distributor of Davey & Company marine equipment. Davey & Company has been making marine hardware and equipment for over 120 years. Check out their website here: If you find something in their catalog that is not on our website call us with the part number and we will order it for you.
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  • Spun Polyester 3 Strand "Spun Dac"

    3 Strand Spun Polyester has a soft hand and a traditional look and feel.
    From $0.25
  • Pillar Cleat

    Strong, dependable bronze pillar cleats in a range of sizes from 2 1/2 in. to 10 in. This traditionally elegant and functional design is perfect to secure a wide variety...
    From $13.69
  • Davey & Company Manganese Bronze Shackles

    Manganese bronze shackle with screw-in pin.Available as a straight-sided D-shackle, or curved body Harp shackle, also known as a Bow shackle. The Dee shackle, or chain shackle, with straight sides...
    From $7.13
  • Tufnol Block, Single

    The high performance block of the 50's and 60's. Available in swivel eye, bow eye, or fixed eye configurations. These traditional laminated plastic blocks are both strong in use and...
    From $14.82
  • Vintage Sta-Set Polyester Double Braid Rope

    New England Ropes Polyester Double Braid is now available in a traditional classic Tan color. BENEFITS: High strength, low stretch, extremely durable, yet still remains soft over time. Easy to...
    From $0.85
  • Bronze Good Fortune Star

    A star on board encourages luck, good fortune, and positive energy. Legend insures that it will make good things better and stop bad things from getting worse. These lucky stars...
    From $21.34
  • Cable and Rope Size Gauge

    Made of Marine-grade 316 Stainless steel for years of reliable service. With this pocket sized tool you can measure rope, wire, cable and fasteners quickly and accurately. Metric and imperial...
  • Davey & Company Mast Bands

    Cast bronze iron, these bands are available with two or four eyes.
    From $47.37
  • Cam Cleat

    Davey & Co. Tufnol traditional laminated plastic cam cleats are strong and an excellent value. Cam cleats available standard or with a bullseye guide.
    From $27.86
  • Parrel Beads

    These ash parrel beads are run around a line allowing it to roll and travel freely along a mast, spar, or furled sail. Priced per bead, choose bead dimensions below....
    From $3.08
  • Deck Fairleads - Angled

    Traditional handed deck fairleads in bronze.
    From $33.78
  • Tufnol Block, Single With Becket

    Tufnol is strong, light, economical and low maintenance solution for sailing boat blocks. Our Tufnol blocks are manufactured in the Netherlands with solid stainless steel frames and brass bush bearings....
    From $20.79
  • Bow Eye

    A heavy duty cast brass eye complete with stainless-steel stud.The stud is removable and can be replaced. Stud Length Stud Dia Eye Dia 1780/BR 3" 75mm 3⁄8" 10mm 1" 25mm...
  • Forged Shackle Plates - High Load

    These unique fittings in brass and manganese bronze have an extremely high strength factor. Brass / Manganese Bronze Chrome Plate Size Shackle Size Approx. Breaking Load 1761/MB/06 1761/CP/06 13‚ÅÑ8" x...
    From $29.31
  • Tufnol Cheek Block

    Traditional laminated blocks are incredibly strong, long lasting, yet inexpensive. The high performance block of the 50's and 60's.
    From $15.99
  • Davey & Company Brass Snap Shackle - Fixed Eye

    These stamped brass snap shackles feature a spring-loaded pin. These shackles are available in fixed eye or swivel, and in many sizes. Use the product options to choose the hardware...
    From $17.24
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