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R&W has been a distributor for New England Ropes for over 30 years. Being only 20 miles down the road from New England Ropes we are practically neighbors. Over the years we have built a great relationship with them and are proud to offer their entire catalog. Though we may not stock every line we have access to all of their products and can leverage our relationship to give our customers the best prices possible. New England Ropes is most well known for their selection of high performance marine rope, climbing/safety rope, and high-tech/high-strength ropes. They are proud of offering the largest selection of marine rope in the world.

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  • Vintage 3 Strand Polyester Rope

    Made of 100% polyester, Vintage 3-Strand looks like a traditional filament rope, but behaves like state-of-the-art cordage. Low stretch running rigging with excellent abrasion resistance. Easy to splice. Vintage 3-Strand can...
    From $0.65
  • Sta-Set Polyester Double Braid Rope

    STA-SET the #1 double braid in America Sta-Set is a strong, flexible and long wearing line that remains soft over time.This high strength, low stretch, and extremely durable line is...
    From $0.55
  • Spun Polyester 3 Strand "Spun Dac"

    Spun Classic is used extensively by sailmakers as bolt rope and traditional boat builders as halyards and sheets.  Strong, good looking and performs in all conditions. For a traditional look...
    From $0.30
  • Sta-Set Polyester Double Braid Rope - Solid Colors

    STA-SET the #1 double braid in America Sta-Set is a strong, flexible and long wearing line that remains soft over time.This high strength, low stretch, and extremely durable line is...
    From $0.60
  • Teufelberger Nylon 3 Strand Rope

    Teufelberger' nylon three strand line features a 4-stage construction of stabilized yarn. This manufacturing method produces an extremely versatile rope, with excellent shock absorption and high abrasion resistance. Nylon rope...
    From $0.40
  • Endura Braid Dyneema / Polyester Double Braid Rope

    PERFORMANCE, STRENGTH, AND DURABILITY FOR THE COMPETITIVE SAILOR, ENDURA BRAID FEATURES An all-purpose, high-performance racing or cruising line, Endura Braid has a specially engineered 12-strand Dyneema core, with Marine-Tech coating,...
    From $1.80
  • Vintage Sta-Set Polyester Double Braid Rope

    High strength, low stretch, extremely durable, Vintage Sta-Set still remains soft over time. It is both easy to handle and splice. Same great Sta-Set with a cool vintage look.  Our...
    From $1.10
  • Teufelberger Endura 12 - 12 Strand Dyneema Rope - 3/8" Diameter - 18,800 Tensile

    Endura 12 is manufactured from 100% HMPE Dyneema SK75 fiber. CLOSEOUT..... multiple lengths and pricing available. Diameter: 3/8" Tensile: 18,800lbs Extremely high strength, very lightweight, and very low stretch. The...
    From $63.30
  • HiVee Rope Hank 1/2" Diameter Shorts

    The Braided Safety Blue from TEUFELBERGER is the trendsetter among 16-strand climbing ropes.  Braided Safety Blue is equipped with a blue safety core of polyamide. This core is exposed only...
    From $15.00
  • Endura Braid Euro Style Dyneema / Polyester Double Braid Rope

    ENDURA BRAID EURO STYLE DEVELOPED IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE WORLD'S LEADING RIGGERS Tested in the harshest conditions by the industry's best, Endura Braid Euro Style surpasses the standards of performance...
    From $1.80
  • VPC Performance Braid Rope

    Utilizing Teufelberger' Hybrid Performance Technology, VPC features a blended Vectran and polyolefin core with a durable polyester cover. Designed with the casual racer and offshore cruiser in mind, VPC fills...
    From $1.00
  • Filament Polyester Three Strand Rope

    High quality fibers and controlled manufacturing processes ensure consistency and a longer useful life.
    From $0.35
  • Vectran 12 - 12 strand 100% Vectran Rope

    A 100% Vectran 12 Strand single braid.  V-12 is treated with a proprietary urethane coating for improved abrasion resistance.This 12-strand single braid provides highest strength, lowest stretch and creep of...
    From $0.75
  • Teufelberger - Nylon Double Braid

    This high-grade marine nylon produces a long lasting line that resists kinking and has superb handling. Features: Material: Double braid high-grade marine nylon Applications: Dock lines and mooring lines. Diameter...
    From $0.55
  • Multiline II - Polyester / Polyolefin Rope

    Multiline II is a twisted rope composed of three strands with filament cover around a polyolefin core. The cover of the strands lends to this static rope a fuzzy feel...
    From $0.50
  • Salsa Line Dyneema Single Braid Rope

    Single Braid polyester / Dyneema Blend 12 Strand * Low Stretch with Great Feel * Excellent Main Sheet for One Design Keelboats and Large Dinghies * Runs Well through Blocks...
    From $1.80
  • Dynaglide Throw Line - 1.8mm x 150 Ft.

    Teufelberger' Dynaglide is a pre-stretched and coated throw line that, due to its neon colors, is easily visible in trees. Pre-stretching and coating provide for very little elongation and better...
  • Endura Braid Classic Tan Dyneema / Polyester Double Braid Rope

    PERFORMANCE, STRENGTH, AND DURABILITY FOR THE TRADITIONAL VESSEL Endura Braid classic has a specially engineered 12-strand Dyneema® core, with Marine-Tech coating, and a 24 carrier braided polyester cover. · Very...
    From $4.15
  • Regatta Braid Single Braid Polyester Rope

    Regatta Braid is a 12-strand spun-filament polyester single braid. Soft, supple, and easy to handle, this rope is perfect for mainsheets, furling lines, and other applications requiring a free running...
    From $1.30
  • Teufelberger - Premium 8 Plait Anchor Rope

    The anchor line Premium 8 Plait is a tandem braid high grade marine nylon. Our Premium 8 Plait strikes a balance between a supple, firm, easy handling line that can...
    From $1.55
  • Megabraid Nylon Rope

    A high-strength Nylon line available in black or white; because it is plaited (as opposed to braided) it has a less modern appearance while maintaining the best handling characteristics of...
    From $2.75
  • Megaplait Nylon Rope

    Teufelberger' Mega Plait is anchor line specially designed for use in popular mechanical windlasses. Mega Plait is a supple, firm, easy-to-handle line that can be used in mechanical windlasses without...
    From $1.90
  • Teufelberger Ocean Hitch Cord

    The cover of Ocean Polyester Eye-to-Eye consists of braided aramid and polyester, its core of high quality polyester fibers. This mix of materials makes e2e highly heat resistant. The stitched...
  • Teufelberger Fly Rope - 11.5MM x 150FT

    The Fly climbing rope features a well-balanced kernmantle design and excels due to its brilliant handling features. (red) Specifications Lengths: 35 m, 45 m, 60 m; available with one or...
  • Teufelberger antiSHOCK Lanyard

    Teufelberger new antiSHOCK tool lanyard is another innovation for arborists from Teufelberger. What makes this lanyard for tools so special is how it absorbs forces. In the event that more...
  • Teufelberger Rope Bucket

    Keep everything in perfect order and within reach! We offer two sizes for various different tree care utensils. A convenient system of perforations allows users to arrange their equipment systematically...
    From $241.20
  • TreeMOTION Standard Harness

    TeeMOTION Standard harness is a high quality, light-weight harness .   Specifications: Standard: PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425, ANSI Z133, AS/NZS 1891.1, ASTM F887-16 TypA, CSA Z259.1-05 PD   * Please Note: Due...
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