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R&W Rope is your premier provider for professional-grade rigging tools and sail making supplies. For the avid sailor, you can’t settle for just any tools to get the job done. To meet the needs of even the most demanding craftsman, we carry a full line of high-quality tools to take care of any rigging or sail-making job. Some of the inventory we currently provide includes roping and seaming palms, needles, spikes, fids, Bosun and Currey knives, and more.

If you need guidance or information on the proper selection of rigging tools and sail making supplies, like fids, needles, palms, hot knives, and other products, please contact us. Our experienced rigging and sail making professionals can provide you with the best advice and service for any task.

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  • Cotton Twine (1 LB)

    data-name="Cotton Twine (1 LB)" Trustpilot
    A natural fiber, twisted twine with traditional look and feel. Used by sailors and knot tyers for bag lanyards, chest beckets and other fancy knotwork.Sometimes referred to as seine twine,...
  • Waxed Whipping Twine with Needle - 1 oz #3

    data-name="Waxed Whipping Twine with Needle - 1 oz #3" Trustpilot
    3 Strand twisted #3 Waxed Polyester Whipping Twine w/#15 Needle for whipping and seizing rope ends and splices on any size or type of rope. Available in: Hemp color or...
  • Sail Maker's Needles

    data-name="Sail Maker's Needles" Trustpilot
    William Smith & Son needles have been the gold standard for sailmaker's since 1835. Very high quality, heavy duty triangular needles handmade of forged steel and easy on sailcloth. Smith...
    From $2.10
  • Waxed Whipping Twine

    data-name="Waxed Whipping Twine" Trustpilot
    Colored, Polyester Waxed Whipping Twine from MARLOW for whipping and seizing rope ends and splices on any size or type of rope.
    From $8.50
  • Samson Splicing Fids

    data-name="Samson Splicing Fids" Trustpilot
    Samson Fids are for splicing double braid and are available as a set or sold individually. A different size splicing fid is required for each size of rope. *Please note:...
    From $7.50
  • Tarred Marline

    data-name="Tarred Marline | Tarred Hemp Twine" Trustpilot
    This tarred marline is the real deal! Natural hemp twine soaked in Stockholm tar. Used to seize and serve standing and running rigging, seizing headsails to jib hanks, and rat boards...
    From $35.00
  • Hemp Seaming Twine

    data-name="Hemp Seaming Twine" Trustpilot
    A very fine twisted twine made from the highest quality long fiber Hemp yarn available. Great for delicate work, sewing, stitching, model ship rigging, etc. Also available tarred with real...
    From $15.00
  • Waxed Whipping Twine with Needle - 1oz #7

    data-name="Waxed Whipping Twine with Needle - 1oz #7" Trustpilot
    Polyester 1 oz #7 Waxed Whipping Twine w/#15 Needle for whipping and seizing rope ends and splices on any size or type of rope. Available in White or Hemp color....
  • Tarred Nylon Twine

    data-name="Tarred Nylon Twine" Trustpilot
    A twisted Nylon Twine with tar coating used for serving wire standing rigging and seizings. Stock sizes: #18 (1LB), #24 (1LB), #36 (2LB), #48 (2LB), #60 (2LB), #72 (2LB), #96...
    From $15.00
  • Splicing Fids (Open Body, Swedish Style)

    data-name="Splicing Fids (Open Body, Swedish Style)" Trustpilot
    Here's the tool of choice for extracting core from rope! These Swedish style hollow fids are also for splicing stranded line and are available in both small and large sizes....
    From $8.00
  • Canvas Rigger's Bag

    data-name="Canvas Rigger's Bag" Trustpilot
    A compact canvas bag that hold just about all the tools you will need. Available in canvas in White, and canvas with leather trim in White, Black and Blue. ·...
    From $25.00
  • Marlin Spike - US Navy Duck Bill Tip Marlinspike

    data-name="Marlin Spike - US Navy Duck Bill Tip Marlinspike" Trustpilot
    These US Navy surplus duck bill spikes in 8 in. and 10 in. They're a fixture in any rigging or splicing toolkit. Aside from conventional splicing uses, these marlinspikes can...
    From $48.00
  • Cable and Rope Size Gauge

    data-name="Cable and Rope Size Gauge" Trustpilot
    Made of Marine-grade 316 Stainless steel for years of reliable service. With this pocket sized tool you can measure rope, wire, cable and fasteners quickly and accurately. Metric and imperial...
  • Ronstan - D-Splicer - Splicing Needle w/ Puller

    data-name="Ronstan - D-Splicer - Splicing Needle w/ Puller" Trustpilot
    R&W Rope proudly carries Ronstan D-Splicer in three different sizes. F15 Splicing Needle w/Puller - Small (2-4mm) Line F20 Splicing Needle w/Puller -Medium (4-6mm) Line F25 Splicing Needle w/Puller -...
    From $23.00
  • Swedish Fid

    data-name="Swedish Fid" Trustpilot
    Davey's Swedish style splicing fid features a stainless steel hollow spike mated to a wooden handle. As with all Davey products, expect the best quality in this splicing fid.
    From $14.50
  • English Braids BUFF Waxed Whipping Twine

    data-name="English Braids BUFF Waxed Whipping Twine" Trustpilot
    A Buff Polyester Waxed Whipping Twine by English Braids. Ideal for whipping traditional hemp or tan colored lines.
  • Thread Wax

    data-name="Thread Wax" Trustpilot
    A great aid to hand sewing. The 3 oz. cup is made from natural bee's wax. The 1lb. block is composition wax.
    From $7.00
  • Marlin Spike - Pencil Tip Marlinspike

    data-name="Marlin Spike - Pencil Tip Marlinspike" Trustpilot
    These pencil tip marlinspikes are a key tool in marine rigging and splicing. Each of the various lengths taper to a pencil point, and feature a black grip and hole....
    From $25.96
  • Seaming Palm, Medium Weight

    data-name="Seaming Palm, Medium Weight" Trustpilot
    Available for left or right hand use. This sewing palm includes a deep metal thimble-cup backed by a single layer of leather.
  • R&W Rope Splicing Fid Kit R&W Rope Splicing Fid Kit
    Sold Out

    R&W Rope Splicing Fid Kit

    data-name="R&W Rope Splicing Fid Kit" Trustpilot
    R&W Rope's own design, and patented! The R&W splicing fids are designed for splicing double braid and 12-strand hollow braid lines. They are a design improvement - and easier to...
  • Stockholm Tar

    data-name="Stockholm Tar" Trustpilot
    A strongly preservative thick liquid used to preserve natural cordage and timber.
    From $35.00
  • Captain Currey Lockspike Bosun Rigging Marlin Spike Knife (#903)

    data-name="Captain Currey Lockspike Bosun Rigging Marlin Spike Knife (#903)" Trustpilot
    This is the original Captain Currey Lockspike Knife designed by Captain Currey in 1940. Stainless Steel pocket knife with; Blade, locking spike and shackle opening slot. The Bosun comes packed...
  • Marlinspike Sailor's Knots and Crafts

    data-name="Marlinspike Sailor's Knots and Crafts" Trustpilot
    Discover the dozens of nautically flavored craft projects you can make with rope! Barbara Merry is the author of The Splicing Handbook and is an internationally acclaimed marlinspike artist. This...
  • The Splicing Handbook, Third Edition: Techniques for Modern and Traditional Ropes

    data-name="The Splicing Handbook, Third Edition: Techniques for Modern and Traditional Ropes" Trustpilot
    The only reference devoted entirely to splicing today’s ropes. The Splicing Handbook includes step-by-step illustrations and explanations for the most useful and popular splices in traditional twisted and modern braided...
  • Speedy Stitcher

    data-name="Speedy Stitcher" Trustpilot
    A hand held sewing machine. Great for use anywhere. A real must for any ditty bag!
  • Roping Palm - Right Hand, Super Quality

    data-name="Roping Palm - Right Hand, Super Quality" Trustpilot
    Manufactured by William Smith Son of England, this item is the highest quality roping palm available today. The metal thimble is backed by 3 layers of leather, the extended thumb...
  • Oakum

    data-name="Oakum" Trustpilot
    Davey and company's oakum is the best navy quality oakum available. Oakum, hemp fiber steeped in Stockholm tar, is the authentic caulking material that swells and expands to pack the...
    From $112.35
  • Samson Ropes Splicing Manual

    data-name="Samson Ropes Splicing Manual" Trustpilot
    This manual is a result of a partnership between Samson's marketing/design team and R&D staff to create user-friendly directions for the latest splicing techniques. It includes a complete set of...
  • Jeffery's No.2 Black Marine Glue

    data-name="Jeffery's No.2 Black Marine Glue" Trustpilot
    Jeffery's is the premier choice for traditional deck seaming around the world.Still produced in England from the original formula, it is as reliable today as when it graced the topsides...
    From $150.00
  • Samson Splicing Manual

    data-name="Samson Splicing Manual" Trustpilot
    For over 130 years, Samson has led the way in developing high-performance cordage to meet the most demanding applications. This book represents the latest techniques for working with all types...
  • Hot Knife - Soldering Gun

    data-name="Hot Knife - Soldering Gun" Trustpilot
    This hot knife uses a soldering gun, and offers a more economical rope cutting and sealing alternative to the professional-quality Engel hot knife. This hot knife works very well, and...
  • Caulking Cotton - Davey

    data-name="Caulking Cotton - Davey" Trustpilot
    Soft, top quality caulking cotton made up of 8 strands totaling an uncompressed diameter of approximately 5/16 in. (8mm). Davey's cotton caulking is used with a caulking mallet and caulking...
  • Captain Currey Lockspike Captain's Knife #904

    data-name="Captain Currey Lockspike Captain's Knife #904" Trustpilot
    A heavy duty, traditionally made, stainless steel pocket knife with a 60mm blade and lockable spike, large capacity shackle key (for pin heads up to 9mm), bottle opener and white...
  • Seaming Palm, Super Quality

    data-name="Seaming Palm, Super Quality" Trustpilot
    Manufactured by William Smith Son of England, this high-quality, all leather seaming palm is the best on the market. Available for either left or right hand use.
  • Ronstan D-Splicer Fid Kit

    data-name="Ronstan D-Splicer Fid Kit" Trustpilot
    D-SPLICER is a range of specialized rope splicing needles for sailors and riggers. They are specifically designed for use with modern synthetic fibers and rope constructions, in particularly small line...
  • Davey & Company 2-Piece Yachtsman's Knife Kit

    data-name="Davey & Company 2-Piece Yachtsman's Knife Kit" Trustpilot
    Aloft, on deck, or in the shop, this 2 piece kit will get you through every knot and kink right to the bitter end. Made in Sheffield, England's steel city,...
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