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Novabraid Electric Fence is a horse and livestock fencing that contains an embedded helix of copper conductors within a polyester braid rope. It's less damaging to entangled animals and far less time consuming to maintain than plain wire fencing. Braided rope manufacturer, Novatec, produces this product featuring overlapping copper helix conductor within a polyester braid rope. The coated copper conductors and heavy duty interlocking reels make the fence durable and easy to install.

Novabraid fence offers both a physical barrier and psychological barrier for animal control. The high strength, abrasion resistant, 1300 lb. tensile polyester braid will maintain tension over very long periods with minimal maintenance. The highly conductive copper helix creates an electrical field sensed by animals and will deliver a correctional shock as needed when contacted.

Novabraid Electric Fence is available in two diameters, 1/4” identified by its green tracer in each twisted cover strand and 1/8” with blue tracers. Each reel contains 1312 ft. (400m) of fencing. Please note: this product is NOT available in cut lengths, and ships only as a full spool.

• High Strength
• High Visibility
• Low Elongation
• UV Light Resistant
• Low Maintenance
• Weather Resistant
• Abrasion Resistant
• Highly Conductive
• 400 Meter Lengths
• Coated Copper Wire
• Interlocking Reel Flanges
• Heavy Duty Pay Off Reels
• Requires Fewer Fence Posts
• Overlapping Conductor Helix
• 25 Year Limited Warranty

Extra Cut Length Fee:
(All Diameters) 0-3 = FREE
( 0 - 1") 4+ = $0.75/each additional cut
( Greater than 1") 4+ = $1.50/each additional cut

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