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Traditional look with the strength, durability and performance of a synthetic. Nearly indistinguishable from Natural Hemp, Hempex has a softer hand, requires less maintenance and wont rot.

Trusted by tall ships and classic craft around the world, Hempex also performs well in crossfit gyms, obstacle courses and playsets.

The 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" diameters of Hempex rope make an excellent, long lasting rope for stair railings. See the stair rope and hardware section of our site for rope railing stanchions.

· Sheets
· Halyards
· Anywhere a strong, UV resistant rope is needed

· Battle Ropes
· Climbing Ropes
· Cargo Nets

· Landscaping
· Stair handrails
· Hammocks
· Decorative uses

Technical specifications:

                    Diameter                              Tensile Strength (Lbs)

4mm 513
6mm 1142
8mm 2123
10mm 3120
12mm 4297
14mm 5590
16mm 6512
18mm 7788
20mm 8763
22mm 10503
24mm 12274
26mm 14199

30mm 18480
32mm 20328
36mm 25564




Material: Polypropyleen Spun
Construction: 3-, 4-strand; bolt rope (long lay) twisted
Specific gravity: 0.91 (Floats)
UV resistance: Good
Abrasion resistance: Good
Chemical resistance: Good

Spliceability: Easy
Wet vs. dry strength: 100%
Melting point: 165 ºC
Short heat resistance: 80 ºC
Elongation (at 20% break)4%
Colors: Beige/sandy

Hempex is available by the foot, or in full 720 ft. spools.

Extra Cut Length Fee:
(All Diameters) 0-3 = FREE
( 0 - 1") 4+ = $0.75/each additional cut
( Greater than 1") 4+ = $1.50/each additional cut

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